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by:Ipromo     2021-06-14

  The mobile phone ring buckle is low in cost, but it is very practical:

   As the screen of the mobile phone becomes larger and larger, the battery capacity is increasing, and the weight of the mobile phone is also rising linearly. Although the large screen brings a strong visual impact and brings great convenience to watching videos, it is undeniable that after a large screen mobile phone is held for a period of time, it will definitely cause palm soreness. Whether sitting or lying down, the actual experience of watching mobile videos on large-screen phones is actually not good. So, is there any way to solve this problem: buying a mobile phone holder can easily solve this problem. With the mobile phone holder, you can easily put the mobile phone on the table and allow the user to adjust it at an appropriate angle to ensure a good viewing experience. With the mobile phone holder, both hands and cervical spine are liberated, which is indeed a healthy weapon.

  The phone screen is getting bigger and bigger, and the ring buckle came into being:

  For anyone, the big meaning of the phone case is to reduce the fall of the phone As much as possible to ensure the safety of the mobile phone. However, there are unexpected circumstances, even with a mobile phone case, it is inevitable that the mobile phone will fall and damage the mobile phone. Imagine that the love machine is reimbursed because of its own negligence. Any machine owner will feel distressed. So, do we have a better way to prevent it:

Most of the reason why the phone case ring buckle was born is to prevent the phone from accidentally falling. Especially when the screen of the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, the pressure of using the mobile phone with one hand is increasing, so the need for the anti-drop function is becoming more and more obvious. The ring buckle of the phone case does prevent the phone from accidentally falling, and on the bus or subway, the ring buckle of the phone case can not only prevent accidental falling, but also has the effect of preventing theft. More importantly, if you have a phone case ring buckle, you don’t need but your phone falls into the toilet anymore.

   The exquisite and cute cartoon design of the ring buckle is very popular with girls. When it’s fine, it’s more convenient to follow the show in the dormitory. Adopting PC material + nano micro-absorbent design, it has stronger adhesion and firmness. It can also be rotated in all directions, making it more convenient to use.

   With the update of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories are becoming more and more popular. Mobile phone cases and tempered films have appeared one after another, and there are more and more styles and materials. Now everyone’s mobile phones There is another popular good thing on the top, that is, the ring buckle, which can be attached to the back of the phone to increase the beauty of the phone, and it is also very convenient to use.

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