Recommend the future trend of badge customization?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-13

Stainless steel: Stainless steel, also known as stainless iron, is mainly used to make printed badges, also known as glue badges, and its thickness is generally 0.5mm and 0.8mm. The main features of stainless steel badges are strong corrosion resistance, durable metal and cost-effective, and its surface printing colors are rich, and the decorative effect is outstanding. It is a good choice for making badges. Badge customization

Zinc alloy: Zinc alloy is the best material for die-cast metal badges. Zinc alloy has several characteristics and is very suitable for making metal badges, three-dimensional badges and double-sided commemorative coins. A-Good casting performance, it can die-cast complex-shaped, thin-walled rice-dense parts, and the surface of the casting is smooth; B-The surface can be electroplated, painted, sprayed, etc.; C-does not attract iron or stick molds during die-casting; D- It has good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance at room temperature; E-melting point is low, melting at 385 degrees, easy to die-casting and so on. Of course, metal badges made of zinc alloy also have their disadvantages, such as poor corrosion resistance, and their service life is much worse than that of copper badges.

In badge customization, in addition to metal badges made of copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, and stainless iron, there are also precious metals such as gold and silver and aluminum. Waiting for the production of metal badges. Gold and silver badges are mainly used to make some high-end collectible badges. We are most familiar with the medals of some international large-scale sports games, such as Olympic gold medals and Olympic silver medals. Needless to say, the value of this kind of badges is naturally more common. In addition, some are more common in recent years. Bank wealth management badge products are not only wealth management products, but also good badge collections. Aluminum is mainly used to make various dog tags. Aluminum has the characteristics of lightness and low price. In the production of badges, except for making dog tags, it is seldom used.

Apluo Hardware Products Co., Ltd., with all the staff with more than ten years of craftsmanship and professional technology in Taiwan-funded enterprises, is customer-oriented, quality first, and the sample period is 3-4 days With the advantage that the delivery time is within a few days of the shortest order placed by the customer, a brand-new attitude in 2016 stands in the powerful Pingshan Town, Longgang, Shenzhen.

Our factory is equipped with advanced Taiwan and Japanese machinery and equipment and professional technicians. The main products are: badges, commemorative coins, medals, keychains, bottle openers, tie clips, cufflinks, letter openers Knives, badges, bookmarks, wallets, golf forks, belt buckles and other metal products.

The main processes are: offset printing, screen printing, pad printing, silk screen printing, bite printing (etching), stamping, die-casting, coloring (oil filling), glue dispensing, assembly, quality inspection, package.

Now it has become a manufacturer for some European, American and Japanese customers. The products sell well in foreign markets and are well received by customers.

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