Prospects of China's metal crafts industry

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28

The innovation of metal art can not only support the national feelings of the Chinese people, but also adapt to the modern environment, and the vitality will be very tenacious.

Various metal crafts have never been static in the long historical development process, but with the rapid development of the times, they have always been in a variety of changes and diversified forms. And thus formed a rich and diverse historical style.

The traditional 'introducing the old and bringing forth the new' is to maintain the completeness of the metal craftsmanship, materials, and performance methods, but only switch the subject matter and make partial improvements . Facts have proved that in modern society, metal handicrafts either show the profound history in established styles, or separate skills and styles, and after recombination with modern elements, can they be integrated into the environment of industrialized society and reborn.

In the 21st century, Chinese metal craftsmanship may have three ways of survival. One is the overall inheritance. In addition to a few species that survive naturally, the best species and masters must be artificially protected from the height of culture and ecology, so that their skills will not be lost. One is the combination of traditional techniques and modern styles, that is, recreating traditional metal craftsmanship with modern aesthetic consciousness to adapt it to the modern living environment. It has a lot of connections with modernist and post-modern art. One is to separate style from craftsmanship and combine it with modern materials and craftsmanship. Only the transplantation of style, without the inheritance of skills, forms a modern style that resembles ancient but not ancient.

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