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by:Ipromo     2021-06-25

   Beer bottle opener is mainly composed of a handle and long legs. With the help of the principle of leverage, it is easy to pry open the beer lid. And there are many ways to open beer bottle caps. For example, many people choose the simple and rude way, knocking the corner of the table with the bottle head, or knocking at the corner of the wall, so that under the action of force, the beer cap will fall off.

  Beer bottle opener is a time-saving and labor-saving beer opening tool. You only need to align the head of the bottle opener with the bottle cap and lift it up with a little force. It will fall off with a swish. It is not only convenient to carry, but also easy to operate. The beer bottle opener is mainly composed of a handle and a long (short) foot. It is easy to pry open the beer lid by leveraging. The current beer opener style is also very unique, hung on the key and carried with you, no different from decorations.

   Drinking is a very enjoyable thing, but it is very difficult to open the bottle cap. It is basically impossible to open the bottle cap with bare hands. Therefore, before drinking, we must first be equipped with a multifunctional corkscrew, so that we can open the caps of many kinds of wine. There are many types of multifunctional corkscrews on the market, and their functions are quite complicated, which may be difficult to use.

The use of    beer bottle opener:

   Beer bottle opener uses the principles of physics, with the help of the power of our human body, but it still needs Warm reminder: When using the beer opener, you must pay attention to safety and prevent some man-made accidents. When opening the bottle cap, you must keep your face away from the position of the bottle cap. The force of the bottle opener will make the cap bounce, which can easily cause the cap to bounce on our skin. Also, avoid excessive hand strength and beer. The bottle is cracked, so use the bottle opener safely and drink beer happily. Drinking beer is the kind of enjoyment that drives away the heat of summer, it is better to drink a cold beer.

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