Procurement of metal commemorative plates for Shanghai events

by:Ipromo     2021-06-29

Procurement of metal commemorative plates for Shanghai events

Aipluo Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of metal commemorative plates. The business types include: Lions metal commemorative plates, May 1st Metal Commemorative plate, epoxy metal commemorative plate, metal metal commemorative plate, flashing metal commemorative plate, frosted metal commemorative plate, hollow metal commemorative plate, tinplate metal commemorative plate, etc. The integration of design, development, and casting is our advantage. With a strong design and development team and the integration of domestic traditional culture and international resources, the company develops products to achieve cultural value in terms of subject matter, connotation, appearance, craftsmanship, and packaging. , The unity of artistic value, memorial value and collection value. It can tailor planning, design, production, and various personalized gold and silver souvenirs for various enterprises and institutions, integrating product development and design, mold making, gold and silver medal processing, and custom packaging to create a stylish and professional corporate image gift for you .

Small metal commemorative plate medals, leading the new trend of classic culture. Nowadays, distance is no longer our concern when buying products. As long as the manufacturer has the strength, the product quality is good, and the price is reasonable, everything is not a problem. Since we started to cooperate with Pacific Networks, why are customers willing to choose us instead of other manufacturers? The reason is simple: the quality of the metal commemorative plate medals is guaranteed, the unevenness is good, and the exquisite workmanship is the effect that the customer wants. It can solve the problem practically from the customer's perspective, and it is recommended to find a suitable process. We are committed to: do not enter substandard products, do not produce substandard products, do not flow out defective products, and pay attention to every production process of the product to ensure that every product that is delivered to the customer is a high-quality product, which can be praised by the customer. Mouthful.

Metal commemorative plates are certificates issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. Sports competitions generally have gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals corresponding to one. Three. The metal commemorative disc is a reward item provided to those who have outstanding performance in a certain field, especially in large-scale touring sports activities. Sports players win through fair competition activities. Victory, the winner will get certain items given by the organizer as a reward.

Shanghai event metal commemorative plate procurement

Since its establishment, the company has been advocating quality. From product design to the entire production process, every process has been strictly controlled, strives for perfection, and is based on exquisite workmanship and quality. Good and sincere treatment of every customer has won the trust and support of major companies! We will live up to expectations, insist on serving customers with strict requirements and high standards, and devote ourselves to building a well-known enterprise in China's customization industry.

The production process of the metal memorial plate, sandblasting signs: using computer lettering, the engraved instant stickers are glued to the metal plate, and the text graphics are sandblasted to form a A kind of sand surface effect, and then oxidation treatment, so that the metal plate presents a placer gold effect. Thermal transfer sign: a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of the metal plate, and then you can design a color picture It is printed on the transfer paper by inkjet printing, and it is turned on the metal plate by heating to make the sign. Electroplating and electroforming signs: also known as piled gold signs, which use screen printing or photosensitive corrosion signs.

The commemorative discs are called differently depending on the craftsmanship. The commemorative discs made of metal thousand pure gold and thousand pure silver are called pure gold commemorative discs and pure silver commemorative discs. Commemorative plates made of common materials such as copper, zinc alloy, iron, etc. are called gold-plated commemorative plates, silver-plated commemorative plates, copper commemorative plates, and colored silver-plated commemorative plates with color printing on the surface of the commemorative plates. The casting process of commemorative plate and commemorative award plate can be cast or hydraulically, and the precision of the casting process is slightly inferior to that of hydraulic process. Metal commemorative plates are the most common form of collecting commemorative plates. They are loved by collectors due to their low price, simple distribution, wide range of subjects, and many collectors. Most types of metal commemorative plates are made of gold and silver. Generally, metal commemorative plates are called gold and silver commemorative plates or simply referred to as gold and silver plates. Plates with a certain commemorative significance can be used as business gifts or as gifts. Plates such as ornaments can generally be called commemorative plates.

Customized metal memorial plate itself is not a complicated matter, now it is easy to find a professional custom metal memorial plate manufacturer. Speaking of where to customize silver coins, in fact, the most feared thing when customizing silver coins is not worrying about it. Sometime there is a problem with the order, and then the design does not meet the requirements, or the quality of the produced silver coins is not good. Therefore, when customizing silver coins, the customer's demand is to find a truly professional and reliable company, so that the silver coins produced can meet the requirements. If your needs are like this, then finding Mingshun can solve all problems and truly save worry and trouble.

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