Once war with the United States goes, will China and Russia build a military alliance?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-29

As U.S. President Bibi came to power, the relationship between the United States and China and Russia has attracted international attention. Recently, the Biden administration has frequently exaggerated the 'China-Russia threat' and tried to deal with it by building alliances. According to a report on the World Wide Web, Vasily Kashin, a researcher at the Moscow Higher School of Economics, said that once war with the United States, China and Russia can Quickly form a military alliance. In response to this rumor, the Ministry of National Defense of our country has also made a clear response.

According to Xinhua News Agency, when talking about recent military-related hot spots, the National Defense Information Bureau emphasized that the distinctive feature of China’s national defense in the new era is that it will never seek hegemony, never expand Never seek sphere of influence. In recent years, there have been comments from the outside world that China is continuously strengthening its military strength, has repeatedly demonstrated its military strength to the outside world, and has become increasingly tough in handling international disputes. Therefore, the outside world believes that China's defensive national defense policy is changing. In response to this issue, the National Defense Information Agency stated that China's national nature and foreign policy have determined that China will always pursue a defensive national defense policy. For a long time, the Chinese military has been resolutely fulfilling its duties and missions, and has never provoked a war on its own initiative.

It is worth noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin once stated at the annual meeting of the Valday International Debate Club that Russia is assisting China in building a ballistic missile attack early warning system, which also reflects A high degree of trust between China and Russia. Moreover, the possibility of Putin forming a military alliance with China. According to analysis by Russian expert Kashin, the two countries are on the verge of a formal military alliance. If the United States exerts excessive pressure, China and Russia will not be soft-handed and will definitely counter it.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense stated that “the territory left behind by our ancestors cannot be thrown away, and we don’t want a single cent of other people’s things.” China The improvement of national defense capabilities is solely for the maintenance of the security and development of national sovereignty. It never targets any country, nor does it pose a threat to any country. In recent years, the Chinese military has conducted exchanges and cooperation with the militaries of other countries to jointly respond to security threats and challenges, and have made important contributions to maintaining world peace and stability. History will prove this. The Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Chinese military has always been a staunch force for maintaining world peace.

In today's era, America's hegemony is slowly disappearing, and it is even facing a situation of isolation and helplessness. After Biden came to power, he has repeatedly publicly emphasized that 'the United States must return strongly' and tried to unite with allies to deal with the 'China-Russia threat.' However, the United States is no longer the United States before, and many countries in the world are soberly aware of the importance of cooperating with China. Therefore, the US 'Alliance Program' is very likely to go bankrupt. In short, China will not take the initiative to provoke a war. But if the United States repeatedly provokes, China will never sit still.

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