More and more multifunctional metal keychain patterns

by:Ipromo     2021-06-18

What equipment is used to make metal keychains?

The circle above is very simple, I won't say it. Let's talk about chain stores: if your chain store is one of the chain stores (chain stores are the most), then the hardest thing to do here is the chain store. Need to be specially designed.

Chain mold, this mold is very demanding. The price is generally between 170,000 and 350,000, and the mold cost is expensive. Of course, there is no such problem without metal.

Let me talk about metal handicrafts: The relative difficulty of this chain is relatively low. The main production process is mainly casting and stamping. Forging is also possible. Whether it is casting, stamping or forging. All need to open the mold. Also need to accompany relevant arrangements.

Similarly, the metal chain is the most complicated and the investment cost is the highest. If the chain is purchased outside the factory, the factory can be opened in 100,000 or less. If you want to make special equipment, you will reduce your investment. Say it!

Intelligent anti-lost artifact, small objects are not afraid of losing it, it is the key to retrieval, remote photography and other applicable functions, smart guardian to avoid guarding your best housekeeper.

Long keys can also be accommodated. The keys are no longer portable, but the tools you use are cool and of good quality. The key is to feel the lever.

There is a smart key to avoid the key, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting the shopping bag when shopping-metal car key, although it has a sense of luxury, metal texture, more high-end atmosphere, metal material

The complexity of the metal keychain is not what we want, complexity is knowledge, follow the complex fashion style of this keychain. Men will not miss it.

Not only the multi-function keychain is simple, but the rechargeable lighter is the favorite of old fans and alloy buckles. It is durable. This creatively designed car key pendant has a simple fire shape and can easily hold a small key. Hanging wallets and other items around the waist, the hand feels delicate and delicate. Car key key ring is complicated

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