Metal Medal Customization-What is the molding method of metal medal customization?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

Every metal medal is made and carved with heart. Since the effect of making metal medals during customization directly affects the quality of sales, the production of metal medals is the key. So what is the forming method of metal medal customization?

First, the cutting process of stainless steel ring

In production, the machining of stainless steel is more difficult. If you can't grasp its characteristics, you will not only fail to obtain the ideal machining quality during the cutting process, but will also damage the tools a lot.

Because of the material characteristics of stainless steel and Qin alloy, there are certain difficulties in turning. It is necessary to select and formulate corresponding processing parameters according to the characteristics of the material to ensure the processing accuracy and surface quality of the medal.

Second, cutting and forming

Using a lathe to directly process stainless steel or qin alloy profiles into medals, in the ring and bracelet The most common medals, accounting for a large proportion, are stainless steel shanks and titanium alloy shanks turned by lathes.

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