Metal Medal Customization-On the processing technology of badge customization

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

Instructions for screen printing: Screen printing can directly print one color and one color on the surface of copperplate, rotted plate, enamel or imitation embroidery. For products with three-dimensional arcs, there is another pad printer that can print with high precision. This allows small fonts to be displayed clearly in different colors. Resin can also be added to the product according to customer requirements to protect the color and metal surface, while improving the product structure.

The surface of the enamel badge is flat (different from the lacquered badge, the metal wire on the surface of the enamel badge still feels a bit raised on the fingers. The thread on the badge surface can The metal wires coated with gold, silver or other metallic colors are filled with various luminous pigments. The production process of enamel badges is similar to that of enamel badges, and is different from real enamel badges. The badges use different enamel pigments (one is real Enamel paint, the other is synthetic enamel paint, the other is luminous enamel paint). Exquisite enamel badges in badge customization, high-quality and luxurious badge options, if you want to make exquisite, high-quality badges first, please Choose enamel badges or even email badges.

Materials for making medals: raw materials for high-quality commemorative plates. Judging from the status of medal production requirements, the medals are made of stainless steel The medal can no longer take into account the high-end requirements of customers. Is the medal high-end? Customized processing technology of the badge: In the nameplate making industry, which production method and manufacturing process are used to make the medal, the medal makes the medal in the high-end and rich concept Show its original commemorative value in the commemorative. The content of the medal is accurate: corporate medals, civilized unit medals. Therefore, when determining the high-end characteristics of the commemorative medal, it is easy to ignore the correct content of the medal. When making this high-end medal, check and verify the commemorative medal The content of is very important.

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