Metal keychain custom process

by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

Metal keychain, as a mainstream product gift for advertising promotion gifts, souvenirs, and holiday gifts, more and more customers choose to customize their own brand image, which is easier to deepen the key chain of brand impression;

However, for many customers who have not yet come into contact with this line, how to customize keychains may be relatively unfamiliar. Here is a brief introduction to a rough process of custom production of zinc alloy keyrings, which is convenient for customers to ask for general understanding. We can better Communicate with us

1. Mapping to sample customization

Our cool way of customization is generally to map to sample customization. First of all you can send your design or send a sample to us, we follow the design and sample to do; if you really do not have a design, you can also describe our look, we can also have a good effect to show you

2. Confirm the engraving drawing

The two parties discuss the price and confirm the proof production in the mold. We will make a mold into a mold according to the design drawing or sample. The mold can see the image of the product, you confirm After the mold starts correctly

3. Confirm the samples

We will die a few samples for the newly carved molds. We need to polish, electroplate, and color, and we will confirm them after processing. If you are unsatisfied, until now the amendment is satisfied

4. Large freight volume

In the general payment process of Cool King, first: 30% deposit, and the balance is paid before shipment . The factory strictly implements the principle of customs clearance. If you don’t need to worry, you can send someone to the factory to check; second: Alibaba Alipay pays, about the full amount of photos, we produce and ship, click to confirm the receipt and receive satisfaction, if you have any questions, you can apply for sale , Both parties resolve through consultation

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in china keychain factory. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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