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by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

  The hat clip is a small object clipped on the brim of the hat. The round surface on it is a magnet. It is convenient to put on it when not in use, and it will not fall off. The metal hat clip is made of copper, and it is painted as a baking varnish process, which is used to promote the sale of gifts.

The product use of    golf hat clip: It is a small accessory in golf products. Packaging requirements: carton packaging, or according to customer requirements.

  After-sales service: Our factory guarantees the quality of the products. For products with quality problems, our factory can re-make them for customers.

   Hat clip is a kind of mark, composed of 2 pieces; a clip base under a round ball mark, the brim of the hat can be clamped directly on it; generally on the ball mark Engraved with the company's LOGO or; you can also customize the LOGO, zodiac; and so on any patterns.

The main processes of    golf hat clip are: stamping, die-casting, electroplating, polishing, varnishing (oil filling), glue, imitation enamel, pad printing, silk screen, offset printing , Corrosion, laser and other processes. The electroplating colors of the surface treatment include: gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, color plating, pearl gold plating, pearl nickel plating, ancient bronze plating, ancient tin plating and other electroplating methods.

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