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by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

  Beer bottle opener is a time-saving and labor-saving beer opening tool. You only need to align the head of the bottle opener with the bottle cap, lift it up with a little force, and the bottle cap will fall off with one swish, which is not only convenient to carry around. , And it's easy to operate. The beer bottle opener is mainly composed of a handle and a long (short) foot. It is easy to pry open the beer lid by leveraging. The current beer opener style is also very unique, hung on the key and carried with you, no different from decorations.

The usage of    beer bottle opener, first align the hollow ring of the bottle opener with the beer cap, put it on the beer bottle cap, and then hold the bottle opener With the handle, pry hard on the beer bottle cap so that the beer bottle cap will loosen and you can open the bottle cap. The method is also relatively easy to operate.

  The beer opener that everyone knows is a very common small creative product in life. It has many styles and convenient techniques, just like a sentence By the way, give me a lever. I can move the earth. For this bottle opener, its principle is like this. No matter how tight the beer is, only a small bottle opener can be opened directly. Up.

   corkscrew, there are ordinary plastic corkscrew, wine knife (knife corkscrew), European corkscrew, T-shaped corkscrew, alloy corkscrew ( Butterfly bottle opener), vacuum bottle opener, electric bottle opener, desktop bottle opener, wall-mounted bottle opener, mini bottle opener, etc.

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