Metal commemorative badge custom price? and size connection

by:Ipromo     2021-06-04

How to set the custom limit for metal badges? There are very big questions in this. The custom metal badges are made of metal materials according to the customer's requirements. In that case, More personalized, because we can immediately make a variety of stamps with different limits and no types according to the customer's regulations, but the insiders in the industry, Wenzhou Zhengchen Art Co., Ltd. seems to have different stamps The required limits are also different.

General metal material badges must be customized according to their purpose and overall planning design draft. Generally, 20-25mm is more suitable for the badge worn on the chest, and the limit is based on the diameter of the largest side. If carried over, the ring-shaped seal is the limit of the diameter.

When customizing metal material badges, consider the probability of the operation process and the price comparison. However, the size of the stamp's limit will immediately harm the price. The greater the limit, the higher the price. Because it consumes more materials, the quality time is longer.

Naturally, the lower the price, the cheaper it is, and the limit is very small. The overall planning and painting are relatively complicated, and it is more difficult to do it, and some even have no overall planning skills. In this case, the price is relatively high, so when customizing the badge, it is necessary to consider the limited difficulties and find a suitable cost-effective.

And the size of the overall planning badge is very related to the comfort of wearing. Most of the badges are worn on the left chest, but some of the conference badges are worn on the suit. On the collar, the armband and collar have a relatively fixed direction. Pay attention to the size, lightness and weight of the stamp when wearing the stamp. If the stamp is more diamond-weight, it is required to raise the thorn horse needle to prevent the stamp from falling; some delicate and lightweight stamps can be equipped with magnet stickers, which also prevents Stinging horses are left on the clothes. Pay attention to the color of the clothes when wearing the badge. When pregnant mothers and children wear the badge, they should use magnet parts to prick the horse as much as possible to prevent skin damage.

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