Metal chopsticks are healthier

by:Ipromo     2021-06-04

Many brothers may ask why metal chopsticks are healthier. Originally, this has a lot to do with the characteristics of metal chopsticks. The texture of metal chopsticks is tight. It is difficult for the soup to corrode the inside. Maybe a lot of bacteria breed on the chopsticks. , So long-term use of metal chopsticks is a healthy job.

On the contrary, whether it is wooden chopsticks or bamboo chopsticks, although it feels good to use, it can also add a touch of bamboo and wood to the food, but the texture of bamboo or wood is not metal after all It's tight, so it's easy to be attacked by the soup in the food to breed a lot of bacteria.

So in general, metal chopsticks are healthier than bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks, and only metal chopsticks are qualified. So what are qualified metal chopsticks? Let's take a look at how to choose qualified metal chopsticks.

How to choose qualified metal chopsticks

Raw materials

Although metal chopsticks can prevent soup from invading and multiplying bacteria to threaten health, some metals are harmful to the body of.

Therefore, when choosing chopsticks, we must pay attention to the raw materials. Among them, stainless steel chopsticks are the best.

Because of the tight texture of stainless steel chopsticks, there is no risk of rust, so they are a good choice.


Some brothers may be a little surprised when they read this article. Since there have been reports in the past that metal chopsticks caused people to suffer from diseases, this was originally In the case of coating, when choosing and purchasing metal chopsticks, it is best to pay attention to the coating, and it is best to choose uncoated chopsticks.

Generally speaking, metal chopsticks are not coated, so it is the same as the wok used for cooking and will not cause damage to the body. However, the chemical elements in some coatings are not.

Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the coating when purchasing scripture chopsticks. You must not choose metal chopsticks painted in various colors for the sake of beauty, because this is very dangerous.

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