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by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

   Shenzhen Aipro Craft Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces: metal badges, zinc alloy badges, zinc alloy keychains, zinc alloy ornaments, stamping badges, etching badges, printed epoxy badges, acrylic badges, tinplate badges, imitation enamel badges , Foldable bag buckle, commemorative school badge, cap badge, dog tag, epaulette medal, commemorative coin, job number plate, sign, Beijing school badge, school anniversary medal, celebration commemorative medal, company corporate gift medal, anniversary gift medal, Beijing hotel staff chest Badges, chamber of commerce conference medals, association medals, exhibition medals, catering promotion medals, belt buckles, keychains, U disk keychains, couple keychains, cufflinks, tie clips, refrigerator stickers, coasters, mobile phone chains, bookmarks, etc.* Craftsmanship Products.

The advantages of    metal sign baking varnish process:

   baking varnish is a spray paint production process. The method is: on the basis of polishing the metal sign to a certain degree of roughness, spray several layers of paint on the bottom. And after high-temperature baking, the process currently has higher requirements for paint and good color rendering. The baking varnish is divided into two categories, one is low temperature baking varnish, and the other is high temperature baking varnish.

The process of    baking varnish is widely used in metal signs and is suitable for various materials. This kind of craft is also very popular and sought after by consumers. The appearance is magnificent, the hand feels soft and delicate, there is a subtle metal texture, and the layering can completely bring out the quality of the metal sign!

  Metal sign concept:

  The ability of metal sign material to resist plastic deformation or fracture under load;

   symbol means: Yield strength σs——the small stress when the material yields. The unit is Mpa;

   Tensile strength σb——the stress that the material bears before it breaks. The unit is Mpa;

  Application conditions and scope: The main basis for designing mechanical parts and selecting materials.

  The characteristics of traditional metal sign craftsmanship: Chinese traditional metal craftsmanship is endless, touching on many aspects of material life use and energy life habits, and the varieties are complex, and the technical characteristics are the same. We can show the characteristics of traditional metal craftsmanship from the two aspects of art and civilization.

  1. Artistic characteristics: Traditional metal craftsmanship is neither pure art nor pure skill. Different metals can produce different visual beauty and beauty through different processing techniques and technological procedures. Tactile beauty. The beauty of metal craftsmanship is the connection of material beauty, craftsmanship and artistic beauty;

  2. Civilization characteristics: traditional metal craftsmanship is a valuable historical resource. Art is to find the origin of civilization in constant return. However, the metal craftsmanship of traditional signs is the 'root' and the order of civilization. In today's high-speed opening of information, the inheritance of handwork and the roots of modern depiction have become an important issue for the opening of metal craftsmanship.

   The production of metal signs is mainly based on copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium, stainless steel and other raw materials, through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel , Baking varnish, plastic dripping, electroplating and other processes.

   We believe that 'creating for our peers means achieving a career for ourselves.' Looking forward to working with new and old customers to create a brilliant tomorrow! Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, new and old customers to order drawings and samples, come and inquire to discuss cooperation matters!

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