Metal badge customization-four process types and characteristics of metal badge customization

by:Ipromo     2021-06-05

What are the main commonly used metal badges? Four process types and characteristics of metal badge customization:

1. Stamping metal badge customization

Punching is one kind Metal processing methods. The process of using a mold to extrude a metal plate on a press. This cold forming process is called cold stamping, or stamping for short.

2. Customized baking paint metal logo

Baking paint is an emerging spray paint manufacturing technology. The method used is to polish the metal surface to a certain roughness (usually high-density board), and then spray several layers of paint. Baked at high temperature. This process currently has high requirements for coatings and good color rendering.

3. Custom-made metal badges with bite version

Metal badges made with bite version technology, generally using bronze, stainless steel, Various materials, such as iron and aluminum plates, have delicate lines. Because the upper surface is coated with a layer of transparent resin (Poly), it feels slightly raised to the touch and has the characteristics of bright colors. Some metal badges require changes in numbers, job numbers, names, etc., and it is very convenient to customize metal badges by using the bite version process. There are also metal badges that are larger in size, or have complex patterns and lines, and can use the biting process.

4. Custom-made silk-screen printing metal badges

Silk-screen printing is squeezed by a squeegee during printing, The process of transferring the ink to the substrate through the mesh of the image and text part to form the same image and text as the original manuscript. The screen printing equipment is simple, convenient to operate, simple in printing and plate making, low in cost, and strong in adaptability.

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