Medal Medal Customization Novel and Fashionable Design

by:Ipromo     2021-06-18

  Zhongshan Aipuruo Craft Products Co., Ltd. main products: badges, medals, commemorative coins, number plates, advertising badges, keychains, tie clips, cufflinks, belt buckles, clothing accessories, shoe decorations, luggage accessories , Bookmarks, mobile phone straps, hat clips, ball forks, envelope knives, alloy plates, three-dimensional reliefs, table decorations and other metal craft products. The main processes include stamping, etching, die-casting, offset printing, silk screen printing, baking varnish, soft enamel, glue and so on.

  No matter what product it is, its customized craftsmanship is a key factor that directly determines quality during the production process, and the customization of pure gold medals is no exception. So why is it said that the craftsmanship of the customized pure gold medal directly determines the quality:

  The main customized material for the customized pure gold medal is pure gold.

The primary factor of    pure gold medal customization is the design style and pattern matching. The shape design must be unique, fresh and not tacky, which is a rare type on the market.

   What kind of coinage technology and manufacturing process are used will make the medal show its original orientation and positioning in terms of sex and uniqueness, not to mention pure gold products, which must be compared carefully.

   We all know that commemorative medals, medals, medal customization, drawing and die-casting stamping are indispensable processes. These processes have a more important part, and we are making The place to pay attention to commemorative medals, medals, and medals is electroplating. Electroplating also plays a very important role in the production of medals, medals, and medals.

   The company specializes in providing various types of commemorative medal customization services for enterprises, institutions, teams, and individuals. It integrates corporate cultural elements with artistic creativity. Design, budget, production and packaging one-stop supporting services, according to the requirements of different customers, tailor-made gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other culturally significant precious metal medals, suitable for enterprises and institutions, activity groups, organizations Etc., used in corporate publicity, group activities, product promotion, employee welfare, festival celebrations and other occasions, certified by the national testing agency, pure gold and silver guarantee!

  Commemorative medals, medals, medals What are the effects of electroplating during production:

   First, use the effect of electrolysis to deposit a good metal coating on metal medals, medals, and medals, but with different properties and base materials. The electroplated commemorative medals, medals, and medals make the surface layer uniform in specific heat. Generally, they are relatively thin, usually ranging from a few microns to tens of microns. Through electroplating, decorative protection and various functions can be obtained on machine products. The surface layer can also repair wear and processing errors. In addition, the electroplating needs of various commemorative medals, medals, and medals have different functions.

  1. Copper plating of commemorative medals, medals, and medals: for primer, improve the adhesion of the electroplating layer and the corrosion resistance.

  2, commemorative medals, medals, medals, nickel plating: for base or appearance, improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

  3. Gold-plated medals, medals, and medals: Improve conductive contact impedance and enhance signal transmission.

  4. Palladium nickel plating: Improve conductive contact resistance, enhance signal transmission, and have higher wear resistance than gold.

  5. Tin-lead plating: Improve soldering ability and soon be replaced by other substitutes.

   'Strictly control product quality and exceed customer expectations' is our eternal purpose and pursuit. We believe that 'creating for our peers means accomplishing our career for ourselves'. Looking forward to working with new and old customers to create a brilliant tomorrow! Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, new and old customers to order drawings and samples, come and inquire to discuss cooperation matters!

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