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by:Ipromo     2021-06-21

Why have to order even the trophy stamp? It is a difficult problem that many people did not want to figure out.

In fact, in everyone’s daily life, whether it is on campus or in the company and other areas, there will be a variety of event-themed activities. Every event The theme activities will definitely set up different honor awards. In addition to some actual material encouragement, trophies, medals or stamps are also indispensable.

The customized trophies, medals and badges mean that the organizer gives the contestants a new idea and the contestants give themselves a sense of pride. What matters must we pay attention to when we develop trophy badge customization for demanders?

Frequently Asked Questions about Trophy Stamps

01 Trophy Stamp Styles

When developing custom design schemes for trophy badges, it must be based on the main purpose of the product. Pass the company culture, the spirit of the theme activity competition, etc. as the standard, and incorporate the design concept that the ordering party wants. In addition, different types of products must be ordered according to different scenarios, and the size and proportion of the trophy stamp products must be clarified, and whether the specifications are harmonious, suitable, and standardized.

02 trophy stamp content

The customized surface content of the trophy stamp is generally the general name of the enterprise (college or institution), logo, theme style and other information content, please do not Too much information content causes the surface layer of the trophy sign to become the deposition of text. Try to be as simple as possible and not complicated, and describe the purpose of making the trophy stamp in detail.

03 trophy stamp raw materials

The raw materials for the customized trophy stamp must be specified according to the requirements of the ordering party, cf. precious metals gold and silver Compared with general metal materials, the raw materials of gold, silver and precious metals are definitely more expensive. The ordering party can decide whether the trophy is high-end according to the regulations of different scenarios, and which material to choose for the medal.

For example, the crystal medal design is elegant, and the design can trace its origin; the gold and silver trophy design has a higher degree of difficulty in processing technology, but it is more suitable for serious and serious key venues; the quality of aventurous gold medals is meticulous; acrylic The board trophy style is novel, and the wooden trophy sets off the characteristics of literature.

04 trophy stamp processing technology

Due to the different raw materials for making trophy badges, the processing technology is also diversified. For example, the production of metal material medals can be produced and processed according to the painting and enamel process to turn them into exquisite medals with colorful colors, with a strong sense of layering, and various pattern designs are highlighted. Soft cloisonné enamel and epoxy resin are used as coloring materials. The surface layer can be electroplated with gold, electroplated nickel and other metal colors. It is smooth and delicate, giving people a very elegant feeling.

The key points of the 05 trophy sign

The key points of the customized trophy sign are presented in the selection of the font style when the trophy badge is customized, and which styles of trophy wooden trays are used , Trophy ribbons and other supporting facilities for the trophy stamp; the thickness of the trophy stamp, the total width of the folded edge, the curved surface of the plan, etc., are actually considered according to different custom regulations.

06 trophy stamp packaging

The customized packaging of the trophy stamp is just like everyone's clothes. Of course, it pays attention to color matching and atmosphere. The most important thing in the outer packaging box used for the trophy sign is the matching. The general carton or the high-end wooden brocade box is completely dependent on the high-end and credibility of the trophy giver. Badge manufacturer

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