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by:Ipromo     2021-06-24

  Zhongshan Aipuruo Craft Products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive gift company integrating design, development, production and sales. It has long-term production and sales of copper, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy, and lead. Various metal craft gifts, promotional items, souvenirs, etc. with tin alloy and tinplate as the main material.

  What role does electroplating play when making commemorative medals, medals, and medals:

   First, use the effect of electrolysis to precipitate metal medals, medals, and medals with good but performance Metal coating technology that is different from the base material. The electroplated commemorative medals, medals, and medals make the surface layer uniform in specific heat. Generally, they are relatively thin, usually ranging from a few microns to tens of microns. Through electroplating, decorative protection and various functions can be obtained on machine products. The surface layer can also repair wear and processing errors. In addition, the electroplating needs of various commemorative medals, medals, and medals have different functions.

  1. Copper plating of commemorative medals, medals, and medals: for primer, improve the adhesion of the electroplating layer and the corrosion resistance.

  2, commemorative medals, medals, medals, nickel plating: for base or appearance, improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

  3. Gold-plated medals, medals, and medals: Improve conductive contact impedance and enhance signal transmission.

  4. Palladium nickel plating: Improve conductive contact resistance, enhance signal transmission, and have higher wear resistance than gold.

  5. Tin-lead plating: Improve soldering ability and soon be replaced by other substitutes.

   The protection of medals must be targeted and scientific, foolproof, and must not be careless. The medal manufacturer reminds every collector that the appreciation of each medal is It is very high and has a very high memorial. We need to take it seriously and should not be underestimated.

   From the current needs of medal production users, it is obvious that bronze medals and stainless steel medals can no longer meet the needs of customers. The choice of material determines whether the medal is; one point Qian Yihuo has always been the rule of any industry and any commodity in the price of products. It’s hard to get a product at a very low price, so don’t be deceived in custom pure gold medals for being cheap, not to mention that the medals we choose are pure gold. Shop around and investigate the current market. The price of gold will then consider whether to continue placing orders with the manufacturer. Nowadays, medal customization is a very common thing. It usually appears in wedding celebrations, company anniversary, major event meetings, and we can see them. So what do we need to pay attention to when customizing medals:< /p>

  1. The style of medal design: The primary factor of medal design is the style and style of medal design, with different shapes, fresh and refined, which is a very rare type on the market;

  2. Medal-making materials: Medal-making materials. From the current medal customization demand group, it is obvious that bronze medals and stainless steel medals can no longer meet the needs of customers. The choice of medal materials determines whether the medals are correct or not; /p>

  3. Medal customization process: In the nameplate manufacturing industry, what kind of production process and production level are used to make the medal will make this medal reflect its location in terms of sex and uniqueness;

  4. The price of medal production: One penny for one product has always been the rule of any industry and any product. It is difficult to obtain products at very low prices;

  5. The font standard of medals: Many medals claim to be medals, but the fonts in the medals will not be selected. The title of the medal I don’t know which font and text to set for. All commonly used fonts should be understood;

  6. The content of the medal is correct: Today's civilized units not only require the nature of the medal, but it is easy to overlook the correct content of the medal. When making a medal, it is important to check and verify the content of the medal;

  7. The layout of the medal: We think that no one likes the colorful medal layout.

  The meaning of custom-made honor medals:

   We need to know what is the meaning of custom-made honor medals: Medal of honor is a medal of Hong Kong awards and award system. It has been awarded since 1998. He was awarded the six major disciplines of the police, the Immigration Department, the Fire Services Department, the Customs and the Flying Service, and the discipline of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. They are praised for their dedication to responsibility, responsiveness and valuable contributions. These people are capable and successful, and their behavior is exemplary.

   'Strictly control product quality and exceed customer expectations' is our eternal purpose and pursuit. We believe that 'creating for our peers means accomplishing our career for ourselves'. Looking forward to working with new and old customers to create a brilliant tomorrow! Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, new and old customers to order drawings and samples, come and inquire to discuss cooperation matters!

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