Love is the key to open the heart!

by:Ipromo     2021-06-08

Curiosity is the key to opening the door of creation,

Knowledge is the key to opening the door to ideals,

Caring is the key to opening the door to the soul.

Life is like a blank sheet of paper, we draw the first stroke in the first cry. With the love of our parents, relatives, friends, classmates and even strangers, our pictures gradually become colorful. After that, we learned to enrich the colors of other people's lives...

Countless times hesitated in the journey, countless times fell in the mud, countless times cried in the wind and rain, countless times desperate in grief.

The bitterness along the way, only you shed tears with me; the wind and rain along the way, only you accompany me forward; the thorns along the way, only you help me cut through. My persistence is only for your caring eyes and warm smile. Because love is the key to open the heart, the couple keychain will accompany you all the way!

I remember the last time I visited the Expo, the weather was very hot. At nearly 11 o'clock, we lined up to visit the French Pavilion. The line is like a long dragon, with no head in the front and no end in the back. What even tested people's patience was that the team moved forward at the speed of ants moving. I walked and watched to pass the time. Suddenly, I found that a middle-aged man standing in front was doing an interesting thing.

He holds a wrist-thin cucumber in his right hand, and his left hand is spoon-shaped, slightly lower than his right. He put the cucumber close to his mouth, opened his lips slightly, and bit the skin of the melon densely with his teeth, his cheeks were red and his muscles protruding. Then, spit the bitten melon skin into his left hand. I’m a little curious, I’ve never seen anyone who gnaws on the skin so hard without eating it. Is there a quirk? Just when I was wondering, the man handed the cucumber to a girl in front of him-like his daughter, but he wiped his sweat with satisfaction, holding the skin of the melon that had been warmed by body temperature in his hand.

The team is walking forward, but my heart is heavy. Suddenly saw a trash can in front of his left hand, and was overjoyed. I gently touched the person with my hand, and pointed at the trash can with my finger. He was a little surprised, but soon understood, and gladly threw the melon skin in.

He smiled at me and said, 'Thank you! You are so kind.' I embarrassedly said, 'Nothing. You are a good father, and I am very happy to help you.' He lowered his head and smiled.

Life is a watercolor painting. We must paint our own paintings, and we must also thank all the people who have loved us for helping them paint well.

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