Learn about the polishing purpose and type of metal car calibration

by:Ipromo     2021-06-27

A process that must be passed through in the process of metal car calibration is polishing. Let's follow the editor to learn about it.

  Polishing is an important part of the surface treatment process in the metal car calibration process. Before polishing, the metal surface is very rough. No matter how finely polished during the polishing process, some fine files will be left on the surface. Marks, scratches from sandpaper; drill marks on the edge of the hole when milling holes; shovel marks for trimming the edges, and clamp marks left by fixtures; small weld scars left by welding. The purpose of polishing is to eliminate the slight unevenness on the surface of the metal car in the process of marking and make it highly shiny.

  Polishing mainly includes the following types:

  1, chemical polishing

   refers to the surface of metal materials composed of corrosive agents, oxidants, and additives in a reasonable proportion. A series of chemical reactions occur in the polishing solution to reduce the microscopic roughness of the material surface, so that the surface of the metal car logo is smooth and bright. The commonly used frying color polishing is chemical polishing.

  2, electrochemical polishing

   is to use the polished workpiece as the anode, and the insoluble metal as the cathode. The two electrodes are put into the electrolyte at the same time to produce a selective anode under the action of an electric field Dissolve, so as to increase the surface brightness during the metal car calibration process.

  3. Mechanical polishing

   is often completed by a polishing wheel installed on a polishing machine, which is carried out on the basis of fine grinding. When polishing. Periodically apply polishing paste on the working surface of the polishing wheel, and at the same time, force the surface of the workpiece to be processed to the working surface of the polishing wheel under high-speed rotation. With the help of the fiber of the polishing wheel and the polishing paste, the metal car can be customized. A mirror-like appearance is obtained in the process. In addition, vibration polishing and rolling polishing also belong to mechanical polishing.

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