Knowledge and common sense of metal jewelry

by:Ipromo     2021-06-04

-, gold-plated (silver)

(1) Classification:

Gold-plated (silver) is divided into two categories according to different materials, one is the gold-plated of the same material ( Silver) refers to the surface treatment of gold (silver); the other is the gold (silver) plating of heterogeneous materials, which means that the surface of non-gold (silver) is plated with gold (silver).

(2) Standard:

The internationally accepted standard for gold-plated jewelry is: the thickness of a good gold-plated layer is 10 microns to 25 microns, generally 2 microns to 3 microns, such as Below 0.18 microns is inferior.

(3) Performance and maintenance:

① Avoid friction to prevent the surface layer from falling off;

② It should not be in direct contact with human sweat glands for a long time, not in summer Wear;

③ Avoid direct contact with soap and other acid-base substances;

④ Keep away from cosmetics and avoid contact with cosmetics.

⑤ The hardness of gold-plated copper (silver) is higher, while the hardness of gold-plated alloy (silver) is lower, so you should pay attention to avoiding hard pulling and pulling when wearing it.

(4) Identification:

1. Look at the color: gold-plated (silver) jewelry generally has better gloss, higher brightness, and lighter color than real gold and real silver.

2. Test weight: The weight of gold-plated (silver) in the hand is obviously much lighter than that of real gold and real silver jewelry.

3. Listen to the sound: Throw the gilded (silver) ornament on the table or the ground, and the sound will be dull. The sound of real gold and real silver is very crisp.

4. The weight of real gold and real silver jewelry is much heavier than gold-plated (silver), but its hardness is softer. Real gold and real silver become brighter as you wear it, while gold-plated (silver) is the opposite.

5. In addition, copper-plated platinum jewelry is very similar to platinum jewelry, and the gloss is higher than that of platinum, the surface is smooth, and the color will never change.

Second, Thai silver, pure silver

★ Thai silver

(1) Knowledge: Silver plating, also known as 'black silverMelt the mixture of silver, lead, and sulfur to form a cap layer in a vitreous state.

(2) Performance: The silver-gold coating is loose and jet-black, which is in sharp contrast with the bright and clean silver, producing a special visual effect. Due to the special anti-aging treatment, the black silver jewelry not only does not change color for a long time,

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