Keychains can be given to friends to express their feelings

by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

Key ring, a friend in Guangdong said, a key chain, a friend in Taiwan said that a key ring is exquisite, small, and not bad. It is a daily necessities for daily life. The advertising key is cheap and has a prominent advertising location. It is an ideal business unit advertising and promotional gift.

There are metal, leather, plastic, birch bark, etc. A keychain is an ornament that hangs on a key ring. To choose the key with your favorite key ring, it can not only reflect your personal taste and personality, but also bring your own happy mood. The key ring has a wide range, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, miniature shape, etc., and there are many qualities, such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic and so on.

The key ring can also be used as a small gift for friends or yourself to express your wishes.

Currently the most common materials on the market are:

1, PVC soft key ring, the plastic shape is firm, can be customized according to the size and shape you need, the mold opening fee is generally not It’s too expensive, the jewelry store has the most materials of this kind; 3

2, Acrylic key chains, namely plexiglass, are divided into imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, transparent, and colored paper can be placed in the middle;


3, zinc alloy key ring, zinc alloy is also one of the relatively strong plasticity of metal;

4, leather light key ring, leather sewing, sub-leather, imitation leather, PU, There is also a small light key ring embedded in the middle, which can also be used for lighting at night or in dark places;

5, solar key ring, the middle of the solar panel, the sun is a light, the pattern inside can light up one Dark;

6, ABS material three-dimensional key ring, open the injection mold, use ABS material to inject, and then paint, because the teaching cost is high, generally make a good quantity.

7. Birch bark key ring

The birch bark handicraft brand car key ring is handmade from pure natural birch bark, and various world-famous car logos are laser-printed on it. Country name, name, car name, English car name, small and exquisite product

, it is an environmentally unique, ideal and practical decoration, which has obvious advantages compared with some key rings. It is not easy to wear the front dashboard and leather, does not hurt the car, novel and avant-garde, and the price is cheap, it is the best new trend of handicraft gifts.

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