Keychain wholesale manufacturers hand-made Wei Wuxian pendant

by:Ipromo     2021-06-01

Today, the key chain wholesale manufacturer had an idea and decided to change the taste for everyone and make something different by hand: Wei Wuji key chain. Many friends especially like 'The Master of the Demon DaoMake hand-made beauties about the Master of Magic Dao, and take your favorite cuties with you. how about it? Are you particularly tempted? Don't worry, let's study this handmade beauty together! Life Meow is also the first time to use heat shrink film, it feels particularly fun.

Is it very familiar? That's right, it's your favorite Wei Wuxian Xiaoxian, do you want such a cute Xianxian keychain? Come and make it if you want.

Production method: 1. Draw Wei Wuxian's pencil draft directly on the heat-shrink film with a pencil. Use the pen lightly, and you can modify it with an eraser. The heat shrink film used here is a white version with a thickness of 0.3 mm. As for the size of life, it is also the first time to use heat shrink film, and it feels that the shrinkage is about one-fifth of the original picture.

2. Use a hook line pen to draw out the line draft, erase the pencil draft, and cut out the desired pattern with scissors. Life is a little bit Cut by the white edge. After I finished the painting, I found that the color was relatively light, so I sanded it again with sandpaper, and re-marked the line with the marker.

3. For coloring, color lead and toner are used for life, and black is mainly used for toner Come to paint Xian Xian's clothes. When painting, use a knife to scrape off the powder and place it on the part of the clothes that needs to be painted, and then directly use the eraser to paint the color. Paint the face with flesh, red and orange lead.

4. The coloring should start from the dark part and deepen the color over and over again, the same is true for the enviable hair part. Since Xian Xian's clothes are also black, I consciously distinguish the shades of hair and clothes when painting.

Here we can see that the color is almost the same as on the card. In fact, it can be over at this step, but because of inexperience Life Meow continues to deepen the color, as shown below, the color is painted quite dark.

5. Use a heat gun to blow the drawn heat shrinkable film, and you will find that the heat shrinkable film quickly distorts and shrinks. At this time, life will find Sure enough, the coloring was too dark. But after all, it is the first time to do it. The main purpose is to accumulate experience and practice. The finished product is barely acceptable.

6. Apply a layer of polish to the shrunken Xian Xian. This bright oil is like nail polish, because it is the same as nail polish. taste. The purpose of varnishing is to protect the color and improve the brightness of the finished product. It is also very important for the life finder to apply bright oil. It should not be applied too thickly, but evenly applied. In fact, Life Meow was crippled in the end.

7. Hang up the keychain and forget to explain it. When you draw the picture, you need to punch it in advance.

Okay, the wholesale keychain has made the lovely envy into a keychain. It is the first time to make a plane Heat shrink, barely qualified, the key is to like it, how about you? It’s really the first time for a keychain wholesale manufacturer to use a heat-shrinkable film. I don’t have much experience. I need to explore and practice. But to be honest, the production of heat-shrinkable film is still very interesting. If you like, you can join the keychain wholesaler. Research progress! Looking forward to your participation!

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