Keychain classic classification and basis introduction

by:Ipromo     2021-06-01

There are many types of keychains, and they are difficult to unify. Everyone calls them differently. The specific types can only be based on materials, shapes, or functions.

Car keychain: car keychain, also known as car logo keychain, is a keychain with a car logo affixed to the product, or the style is made into a car logo. Keychains are mostly made of metal, and some are combined with metal and leather to make the product more high-end; there are a few people who think that car keychains are car-shaped keychains. This is understandable, everyone has everyone's understanding.

Metal keychain: This is distinguished by material, and it is a major category.Metal keys include all keychains made of metal materials, such as zinc alloy, stainless steel, and stainless steel. , Aluminum alloy, etc.; this product is also what people are used to calling the most.

PVC keychain: It is also distinguished by material. This type of keychain is characterized by attractive colors, lighter quality, and cheaper prices. You can also make some logos on it. To achieve the role of brand promotion.

Multi-function keychains: such as LED lights, Swiss Army Knife, U disk storage, Bluetooth function, compass, etc., various Wearing a certain function we collectively call a multi-function keychain.

Couple keychain: As the name suggests, this kind of keychain is usually a pair, most of which are one male and one female, and two of them are neutral. Or there are two keychains combined together to make a whole, usually couples prefer this type of product.

Rotating keychain: This product can either rotate as a whole or a unit component can rotate 360 u200bu200bdegrees. We collectively call it a rotary key, and most of the rotating parts have LOGO The place.

Leather keychain: Leather keychain is a product made of leather and metal. Usually there is no leather keychain made of pure leather. It is not practical and will not last long. Keychains are also open to people who need high-end products. On single product sales, leather and metal materials are used, plus designer designs, and the products are fashionable and high-end. A two-pronged approach can always win people's favor. Leather keychains should be Single product sales champion.

Most of the classification of keychains is like this. Starting from customers, meeting the needs of various customers is the main goal of major keychain manufacturers.

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