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Common keychain types

Mainly the exquisite gifts presented to customers by promotions in car 4s stores. It is also a must-have in-car supplies, car pendants, and personalized fashion supplies for car owners.

2. Commemorative keychain

Like a representative Olympic souvenir. There is a Fuwa keychain. It is mainly used to commemorate some important moments or characters.

3. Crystal keychain

In the initial design, the cold shape of the hardware keychain may be considered. Then I thought of using crystal and cast steel materials and craftsmanship, which is exquisite and durable, which is very popular among young people.

4. Luminous keychain

One side of the luminous keychain is made of high-brightness LED bulbs and PU leather. Full of the novelty of science and technology, fully satisfying children's curiosity about science and technology

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