Jiangmen metal memorial plate manufacturer

by:Ipromo     2021-06-12

Jiangmen metal commemorative plate manufacturer

Aipuro Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of metal commemorative plates. The business types include: Lions metal commemorative plates, May 1st Metal commemorative plate, epoxy metal commemorative plate, metal metal commemorative plate, flashing metal commemorative plate, frosted metal commemorative plate, hollow metal commemorative plate, tinplate metal commemorative plate, etc. With a group of experienced professional technical teams, the company has now built a complete process production chain, and is a gift manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. The main business scope includes: copper plates, medals, tourist commemorative scenery plate badges, keychains, tie clips, metal nameplates, tourist souvenirs and other business gift ornaments!

Metal commemorative plates are also divided into many different types. Since it is a customized retirement metal commemorative plate, it is necessary to understand from various aspects how to achieve good commemorative value and be able to express to some employees Yes, I am sure that this kind of commemorative will be able to meet everyone's customization needs. It is not that I have spent a lot of money. The final customization result is different from what I think. You also need to choose a customized manufacturer to achieve good customization. effect. At this time, we can consider us. We can use different patterns and processes to make everyone feel the special commemorative value of the metal memorial plate, and can express a kind of respect to the retirees.

How much is the metal souvenir plate? The production of any metal memorial plate will involve cost issues, so many people who need to make a metal memorial plate will inquire about the price of the metal memorial plate at the beginning. So how much is the metal commemorative plate, and what are the factors that affect the price? How much is the metal souvenir plate? There are still many influencing factors. Take a look at what kind of material is used for the metal memorial plate, and pay attention to the craftsmanship of the metal memorial plate.

Jiangmen metal memorial plate manufacturer

The team of Mingshun company is a team that strives for excellence and has been trusted and supported by customers at home and abroad after years of hard work. 'Doing business with Mingshun is to rest assured'-this is the life goal that Mingshun people have been pursuing now and in the future. Mingshun company has strong and professional production technology, exquisite craftsmanship and low prices. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come and order with drawings and samples. Welcome customers to call, write or visit our factory for guidance. The company's purpose is: rely on quality, expand the market, and provide quality service. Our business philosophy is: integrity, responsibility and prompt delivery.

Metal commemorative plate of friendship, the friendship brought by the innocent campus age, it is the hearty laugh, it is the loud singing, it is the whisper that hides in the bed, it is that The excitement and nervousness of skipping class together was the nasal bubble that burst into laughter after the joke. Those classmates who have experienced together will meet again in the years after graduation and greet each other: Hi, my dear old classmate, long time no see! In this vast life, how lucky we are to be classmates and to be able to study together with classmates? Is this the fate of how many generations we have cultivated? In this kaleidoscope-like world, the friendship and emotions of those classmates’ times are the pillars of the soul and the good state of life. The link, whether it is far or near, thick or light, has always been gratifying, because we cherish and cherish the years that we have traveled together, and cherish the bits and pieces of our lives together.

Metal commemorative plate custom material fee. The usual materials of metal commemorative plate are gold, silver, copper and alloy. The price of raw materials of pure silver and pure gold is relatively transparent. The current price of gold is per gram Three or four hundred yuan per gram, the raw material of sterling silver is about four yuan per gram, the manual cost of gold is 30-40 yuan per gram, and the manual cost of sterling silver metal memorial plate is 0.8 yuan to 1.2 yuan per gram. After the materials and the grams of our metal commemorative plates are made, the price is well determined. The price of pure copper or alloy metal commemorative plates is generally between 2 yuan and 50 yuan each according to the customized quantity and size. Some copper metal commemorative plates are more expensive if they are electroplated with 24k gold on the surface.

Birthday metal commemorative plate, there is always such a special day every year, it is like a bud that is waiting to be released, and it blooms for you on this day. Like a small daisy in a sea of u200bu200bflowers, soft and beautiful, not profane, it is the annual birthday, such a special day, belongs to you, and you belong to happiness. Very often, there will be people like this who remember them better than you do-about this day. On this day, they will send exquisite little gifts, send warm blessings, and send a good mood. These people must be cherished people in our lives-our relatives and close friends.

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