Jiangmen enamel metal souvenir plate procurement

by:Ipromo     2021-06-13

Jiangmen enamel metal souvenir plates purchase

When buying metal souvenir plates, more and more people will also purchase metal souvenir plates through customized methods, and before that You need to understand the details of the customization of the metal commemorative plate to make the entire customization more convenient. Since you are buying in a customized way, you must find out which manufacturer is worth your choice, because of the difference The overall customization strength of metal commemorative plate custom manufacturers is different. Failure to do a good job of comparison will easily lead to the fact that the customized solution you choose is not so good. The beautiful and overall texture of the customized metal memorial plate is far not as high as what you think in your heart, so you can bring it to yourself. The use value will be reduced, and it is not worth choosing by yourself.

Some metal commemorative discs need to be added with some special processing techniques, such as color printing, and some have to be coded or engraved on the surface, etc., then the cost of this part is In addition, it is calculated because additional manual costs will be incurred. Do you now know how the price of custom metal commemorative discs is calculated? Obviously, there are many cost components involved, so everyone should pay extra attention when choosing. So the quotations given by many manufacturers are different. You can make multiple comparisons, and then comprehensively analyze and determine the price, which is often better. If you have a custom metal commemorative plate request, you can also contact us directly.

How to choose the material for the metal commemorative plate customization? The reason why I say this is because my customized commemorative coin gold coin is not only related to its overall price, but also related In terms of its overall aesthetics, if the composition of the gold coin you choose is lower, it has a collection value, which is slightly lower, which can only better highlight its commemorative value. There are also certain differences in its cost. The higher the ingredients, the higher its cost, and vice versa. Of course, when you choose to customize an anniversary gold coin, you can also directly choose the gilding material to customize the gold coin, which can also bring you a good customized result.

Procurement of Jiangmen enamel metal commemorative plates. Metal commemorative plates are issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. Sports competitions generally have gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals corresponding to one. First place, second place, third place. The metal commemorative disc is a reward item provided to those who have outstanding performance in a certain field, especially in large-scale touring sports activities. Sports players win through fair competition activities. Victory, the winner will get certain items given by the organizer as a reward.

Customized metal commemorative plate design costs, often receive calls from customers to inquire about the price of the custom metal commemorative plate, so because it is a customized metal commemorative plate, it is based on The customer needs to design and produce, so a design cost will be incurred. The design cost settings of each manufacturer will be different, so there will be some high and low differences in the custom price of metal commemorative plates that everyone has inquired about. After the design is completed, the production of the mold will be carried out, which will also incur a mold cost, which we can calculate in the design cost.

Procurement of Jiangmen enamel metal memorial plates. The process of making metal memorial plates is similar to that of pure gold and silver. However, it is more difficult to make brass memorial plates made by hydraulic pressure because of the hardness of brass. Too high, the mold will sometimes be overwhelmed when pressing the souvenir plate. In addition, copper commemorative discs generally need to be electroplated. 3) Alloy commemorative plates. Generally, the grade of alloy commemorative plates is slightly lower under the category of metal commemorative plates. Generally, there are several processes such as sand foundry, hydraulic pressure, and die-casting.

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