It may not be easy for Americans to restart the consulate general in Wuhan

by:Ipromo     2021-06-10

The United States intends to restart the Consulate General in Wuhan# According to US media reports, the US State Department plans to restart the US Consulate General in Wuhan on or about June 22, and a notice has been sent to the US Congress.

The Visa Center of the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan

The US media stated that in this notice from the U.S. State Department, there are the following keywords: 'At a critical juncture in the relationship between the two countries ( critical juncture), the presence of American diplomats in China is very important.'

At the same time, the notice also stated that currently in China (especially Hubei), the epidemic has improved to a certain extent, and the general The consulate is 'appropriate'.

The pinnacle of great powers believes that we need to understand the meaning of 'critical moments' (also translated as 'critical moments') in the American population. This critical juncture has both positive and negative implications.

At present, the governors of the US states have never stopped calling for cooperation between the two countries. They are still purchasing medical supplies from China. Nearly 100 former US politicians and scholars have called for the new crown epidemic to have crossed national borders. If the United States wants to alleviate (and cannot completely solve) the epidemic in its own country, it needs China's help.

But at the same time, the US federal government, headed by Trump, is still constantly 'dumping the potIt can be said that Trump has been unable to control the epidemic in the United States. In order to pave the way for the election, he can only go all the way to the dark!

It’s worth noting that recently, Harvard Medical School in the United States released an unreviewed research report. According to the satellite imagery of the parking lot of Wuhan Hospital and Baidu keyword search trends, they thought it lightly. The new crown epidemic may have spread in China as early as August last year.

Harvard Medical School represents the top level of medical research in the United States

The pinnacle of the great powers feels that this is a typical example of drawing a conclusion first and then being far-fetched to find a connection. Is this the true level of Harvard University, the world's top medical school for many times? Stop making trouble, I'm afraid it is to serve Trump's theory of dumping the pot.

The above example also shows that for Americans, they are very willing to go to the city of Wuhan to find out. But at the beginning of this year, the United States evacuated its overseas Chinese as soon as possible and evacuated all the consulate personnel, none of them remained.

To put it bluntly, I just want to take the opportunity to embarrass us, otherwise I will have to leave a few observers to maintain the facade.

Now Americans want to come back, but it is not easy. This is not a vegetable market. Come and go when you come? The consulate is closed when it is closed, and open when it is open? At least there are many procedures to go through.

At present, 28 provinces in my country have 'zero new additions' continuously. Among them, 18 provinces such as Beijing, Shanxi, Jiangsu, etc., have been continuously for more than 30 days without new confirmed cases; but the United States has a serious epidemic , Has just exceeded 2 million confirmed cases. In order to prevent the epidemic, it is also necessary to conduct more stringent inspections on the staff of the US consulate.

For example, it is not limited to:

I. Measures such as entry medical examination, isolation for 14 days at your own expense, etc.;

Second, you must declare all places you have visited and people you have contacted from after you leave Wuhan to your return, and prove that you have not had contact with patients with new coronary disease or suspected patients after leaving Han; sign a statement; , Stating that if there are any omissions or falsifications in the declared content, you shall bear full responsibility;

3. Personal mobile phones and all social accounts need to be submitted for immigration review. The main content is on leaving During the immigration period, no hateful or rumored speech was published (refer to the relevant standards of the US immigration review);

Four, immigration staff need to promise to work in the legal place of residence and work, Do not leave the consulate general for more than 50 kilometers, and do not engage in work and behavior that are not related to your job;

5. Formal meetings with local representatives and formal formalities for educational and research institutions The visit must be declared and notified to the Chinese side in advance.

The above five points do not mean making things difficult for Americans at all. They are based on the principle of reciprocity. Since this is a requirement of the US for our personnel, the Americans should also comply with this requirement on an equal footing.

This time the Americans want to restart the consulate general in Wuhan, which proves that they have to recognize China's great anti-epidemic results. It’s just that it’s hard to meet each other when it’s not time. I’m afraid it’s not easy to restart. China has not commented on this, we will continue to pay attention.

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