Introduction to the production of four common metal keychain pendants

by:Ipromo     2021-06-18

Metal keychain is a collective term for neck jewelry. In fact, there are various types of accessories on the neck, such as metal keychains, collars, necklace beads, etc. Today we will focus on introducing a few common metal keychains.

(1) Metal keychain. Metal keychains are divided into two types: keychain factories and keyless factories. There are many styles of keychain factories. There are traditional styles such as lock pieces, chicken hearts, flower baskets, and ingots that are not inlaid with gems. This type of keychain factory is a traditional style that our people prefer. Keychain factories are often engraved with various patterns, zodiac patterns, auspicious characters, etc. Due to the influence of foreign jewelry, the styles of keychain factories are becoming more and more abundant, with various animal and plant graphics, portraits and abstract patterns. In the key chain factory, there is also a photo box key chain factory that can store small photos. This kind of keychain factory is often a token of mutual gifts between lovers. There are two styles, 'opening and closing' and 'moving open'. The open and close photo box keychain factory can open and close at will like a door. The move-open photo box keychain factory is to move left and right to open the photo box. Religious keychain manufacturers such as the cross and the crucifixion are also loved by many young people. With the increasing availability of jewelry materials, the styles of metal keychains and the shapes of keychain factories are also exceptionally colorful. Most of the keychain manufacturers inlaid with jewellery are inlaid with diamonds, gems, agate, etc. in the gold ring.

(2) Jewelry metal keychains Jewelry metal keychains are mainly made of pearl, agate, jade, jade, ivory and other precious treasures. These metal keychains have precious materials, bright colors, rich shapes, and strong decorative properties.

(3) Metal keychains made of different materials such as gold, silver and copper are called collars. Its shape has traditional column, twist and curved shape. The styles of foreign metal keychains are even more exciting. The material of the metal keychain is not only rich and beautiful, but also has a strong decorative color and luster. The middle part of the collar is often the focal point of the design and the center of the embellishment effect. In the design of modern metal keychains, the structure of metal keychains is sometimes partly adopted. The metal keychain has been improved from the traditional structure of the past. The evolved metal keychain has increased practicality and decoration, in the art of metal keychain.

(4) Xiangzhu metal keychain was first called rosary. People who have resumed diplomatic relations can only have more blessings. The materials are jade, ivory, crystal, animal strands and so on. Loving you, a pig without making progress has made a great breakthrough in the material, and the shape has also developed from the original rather monotonous round bead shape to the current various styles. Due to the diversity of materials, metal keychains have different decorative effects. Various types of metal keychains have unique shapes and wonderful colors. Quite modern, so it is loved by many young people.

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