Introduction to Metal Creative Bookmarks

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

Metal bookmarks now cover the world, opening a cultural door, elegant and delicate, exquisite petty bourgeoisie.

It is an elegant and exquisite reading tool, a small metal piece completely enhances our reading experience. It is not only used to mark the page number of bookmarks, it is born to accurately save our memory lines, users only need to remember three steps: 1. Find important paragraphs, beautiful bookmarks are accurate Mark; and accurately return the letter page when that line; at the same time enjoy the pleasure of reading and protect your beloved book.

Metal bookmark is the traditional use of brass and stainless steel as the leading new technology of metal materials. It has design, drawing, corrosion, electroplating, packaging and other process procedures, and implements strict The quality inspection guarantees the production of high-quality products. After polishing, corrosion, electroplating, packaging and other processes from high-end reading assistants.

Metal texture bookmarks are not only practical, beautiful, delicate, and collectible. Each bookmark has a unique design concept. The designer perfuses each bookmark, giving each bookmark its own soul. From the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period to the present bookmark culture, the long history has precipitated the wisdom of the ancients, and more of it is the descendant of a book that loves books, relaxing with a cup of tea, sitting in the shadows, looking at the lines, tired of reading, just look at it. Looking at beautiful bookmarks can help readers relax their nervous nerves. So how did this bookmarklet come about? Bookmarks originated in the Spring and Autumn Period of China. At that time, bookmarks were called 'toothpicks' and were made of bamboo. Whenever you see a very important place in the scroll, then at the end of the plug 'toothpickReaders often read books that are rarely called 'no toothpicks'. After the development of the scroll book, the use of 'toothpicks' is wider. It is useful for using beef bone slices, and it is also a useful cardboard. Some cardboard is also pasted on a layer of silk pattern. After the Song Dynasty, readers' pressure on 'toothpicks' became greater and greater, like some slogans or verses on 'toothpicks'. Since then, 'toothpicks' have become 'bookmarks.'

Exquisite metal bookmarks. Breaking the traditional bookmarks, more and more different kinds of metal textures appear in front of everyone with the changes of various forms. It is used more and more widely. The graduation season, the beginning of the new school season, happy birthday, teacher's day gifts, holiday blessings, the scope extends to ubiquitous, each exquisite bookmark carries a love book, and readers are deeply impressed every time they read.

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