How to wear custom badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

Customized seal is a kind of light-weight and wishful decoration, it can be used as a true identity, a sign of a well-known brand, some key commemoratives, promotional plans and gifts, fitness exercises, etc., are usually worn as a seal As a way. Master the way to wear the stamp, not only related to your real identity, but also to your courtesy brand image. Therefore, the wearing of the stamp must be unique. The article mainly talks about the way of wearing the stamp.

From a certain level, the badge is a sign that distinguishes true identities, contradictory positions, and contradictory social development parts. Wearing contradictory badges means a contradictory professional image. The stamp of, not only mainly expresses your true identity, but also mainly expresses your courtesy brand image. You will often find that people who are in conflict with the same badge sometimes have different influences when wearing badges. Yes, badges don’t have a fixed influence on wearing badges, but they often appear on TV sets, magazines and periodicals. It is so dazzling to see the big stars wearing the badges, and there are specific guides from everyone who visit abroad and may participate in more serious conferences. They will also wear a badge on the chest, which means that the badge of the home country is so familiar and slapped in everyone's eyes. Snapped. Appropriate wearing of the badge can give people completely different results.

Most of the badges are worn on the left chest for influence, but some conference badges are worn on the collar of the suit, while armbands and collar badges are relatively fixed Immovable influence. Pay attention to the size, lightness and weight of the stamp when wearing the stamp. If the stamp is analogous to the King Kong weight, it is required to add a piercing needle to prevent the stamp from getting lost; some simple and simple stamps can be equipped with magnet stickers. Avoid leaving thorns on the clothes. Also pay attention to the color matching skills with the clothes and pants when wearing the badge. When pregnant women and children wear the badge, they should use magnetic sticker parts as much as possible to prevent puncturing the skin.

Others, the venue for wearing the badge is contradictory, and the size and design of the badge are also different. Sometimes you can also choose the influence of wearing according to your own clothes. For example, if you wear a suit, sometimes you can wear the badge on your neckline; if you wear a lot of analogy, you can choose a larger badge to wear. If the weight of the stamp you choose is not very heavy, and you are heartbroken that your clothes are pierced by the stamp, you can choose a custom stamp with magnet.

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