How to save the collection of custom badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

How to store personal collections with custom badge commemorative coins?

How to store personal collections with custom badges? In addition to the active purchase of gold and silver commemorative coins, there are also some people who want to have it. For example, the excellent workers’ union at work will receive customized gold and silver coins awarded by the company as a reward; For gifts; companies will receive customized gold and silver coins from customers.

Now that you have accepted the custom badges from others, you will undoubtedly need to personally collect and maintain them. After all, the gold and silver commemorative coins are not only meaningful for memorial, but It can also appreciate in value and improve quality and efficiency.

So, how should you maintain custom badges?

We must have a deep understanding of the characteristics of custom badges. Customized badges are generally made of pure gold and silver. Gold and silver are very soft metal materials with good ductility and good oxidation resistance. But because the custom badges use good mirror glass and baking varnish technology, part of the mirror glass of the ancient coin is very flat and bright, and cannot tolerate any friction.

Secondly, custom-made gold and silver commemorative coins must never be scrubbed with solid objects, let alone polished with toothpaste as some books say, only clean with liquid To clean up and clean with mineral water. The maintenance and cleaning of some ancient coins can only be applied to the maintenance and cleaning of ancient coins and modern silver rounds, and cannot be used on custom gold and silver coins. The exclusive customization of Jiuyinfang gold and silver gifts sorts out the following methods of maintenance of gold and silver coins:

The common problems of custom gold and silver coin storage can be summarized in the following aspects

1. Don’t touch it with your hands, the sweat dirt in your hands will quickly embrittle the surface of the customized gold and silver coins;

Second, it is not necessary to put it around the pH or corroded objects;

3. Put it in dry areas, don’t put it in areas where it’s easy to get caught up;

Four, don’t have to touch sharp objects;

Five, prevent the light source from shining;

Six. Protect gas when necessary;

Seven. Ensure that there is no residue, waste, such as dust, etc. in the natural storage environment;

8. If you must take it out and watch, please use soft paper Pack it, or wear disposable gloves, and make sure you don’t sweat too much in your hands.

Nine, the key is to touch hard objects and avoid falling to the ground.

Many collectors don’t know much about the characteristics of custom badges. Inadvertently, they ruined some coins because of incorrect handling and handling methods. Therefore, friends who have custom gold and silver coins, still have to do something The course is over, learn personal collection and storage.

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