How to make aluminum plate craft?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-04

How to make the aluminum plate craft?

The aluminum plate production process is: bottom color production method, oxidation (such as gold bottom, silver bottom, red bottom, black bottom, etc.) spray paint (paint according to the color requested by the customer, the commonly used colors are, Black, blue, red, orange, gray, silver gray, green, etc.) painting (painting must be blocked by lines so that the paint will not flow out, and the paint can also be made according to the different requirements of customers) font color production Method: silk screen (after the product font is highlighted, different colors should be applied to the raised fonts, which can be done by silk screen printing. The fonts on the same plane can be printed in multiple colors, but they must be printed one by one. Continue with another color) Electroplating (After the sign font is highlighted, different colors can be electroplated according to customer requirements, such as black, gold, red, chrome). Painting (same as the bottom painting method mentioned above) Font processing method (highlight, use The diamond knife engraves the paint on the surface of the sign, also known as bullshit. The normal gradient of the texture is 45 degrees. Different textures can be made according to customer requirements, usually including forward twill, reverse twill, arc, straight, and CD. , Sun pattern) drawing (using drawing machine to pull off the paint on the surface of the sign, the pattern can be selected according to customer requirements different belts) sandblasting (first sandblasting the entire sign, then oxidation treatment, because some customers require the bottom If there is a color, you need to sandblast the entire sign first, and after the spray is dried, wipe off the paint on the surface of the font with a chemical solution) bronzing (first polish the font surface to a smooth surface, in bronzing processing, but the cost of this process Relatively high) accessory installation (with foot forks, the upper mold can be made according to the foot length, foot diameter, and center distance required by the customer. After the sign is die-cast, the sign itself will have its own foot spikes. The normal foot length is 2-8mm. Some The big brand can also be 2-13mm. There are many ways to install this kind of footed signs. 1. Bend the feet and fix them behind the panel; 2. Put a clamp ring on the feet; 3. Some big brands have thick feet, so you can Relatively tapping, and screwing directly after tapping; 3. The label has no foot sticker adhesive, and different adhesives can be applied according to customer requirements. There are ordinary glue, 3m glue, and sponge glue, but most customers commonly use 3m Glue, this kind of installation is simple, just remove the release paper and paste it directly, or you can use glue to fix the nail behind the sign;

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