How to distinguish the quality of metal badges?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-21

There are many production processes for badges. An exquisite badge must be produced in strict accordance with the process requirements and operating specifications of each process to ensure that there are no problems in each link, so that exquisite and unique badges can be made for everyone. Some common badge making processes: baking varnish, imitation enamel, stamping, screen printing, lithography, biting, offset printing, 3D and so on.

We all know that the most commonly used material for metal badge customization is mainly metal materials, so what method do we have to judge that it is a high-quality badge?

Printing badges, bite version badges , Epoxy badges and paint badges, etc., the production process is relatively simple, can only be regarded as popular badges. Especially badges made of iron or alloy are more suitable for customers who have special requirements on the price.

The craftsmanship of badge customization is one of the important elements of high-quality badges. Generally speaking, for high-quality items, the manufacturing process is relatively more complicated. The enamel process is one of the most complicated processes in badge manufacturing, so enamel badges are truly high-quality badges.

Gold and silver are not commonly used materials for metal badge customization. The preferred material for high-quality badges is copper, especially red copper and red copper. The materials of red copper and red copper are relatively soft and can easily form various badge designs on the outside. Other copper materials also have good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, forgeability and excellent mechanical functions, making it the first choice for high-quality badges.

Badge design and badge accessories are also one of the elements of high-quality badge customization. A truly high-quality badge, its design must be the most reasonable. In terms of accessories, relatively high-quality accessories, such as safety pins, round-head high cards, etc., will be used. The badge packaging will also use high-quality wooden boxes, flocking boxes, and the like.

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