How to distinguish imitation enamel badges and real enamel badges?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-20

How to identify imitation enamel badges and real enamel badges:

Enamel is a high-end craft in the craft of badges. Because the colors of real enamel are relatively limited, the colors of imitation enamel badges are more diverse. So there are true and false enamels.

Imitation enamel badges are high-end badges in badge craftsmanship. Zinc alloy is mainly used as the material, with imitation enamel pigment on the surface, and the surface is burnt at high temperature. The imitation enamel badge uses zinc alloy as the material. The production process is similar to the enamel badge. The surface can be gold-plated, silver-plated and other metal colors. , Smooth and delicate, giving people a very noble feeling, and the price is cheaper than real enamel, it is the first recommendation for the production of high-end badges. Enamel badges are high-end badges, but their colors are relatively limited, and the colors of imitation enamel badges are more diverse, because imitation enamel badges use color paste instead of enamel. The color paste has more colors to choose from, and compared to enamel badges The surface looks a bit grainy, and the imitation enamel badge looks more delicate. The surface of the imitation enamel badge can also be applied with various colors by screen printing, which has met the requirements of customers without changing the important design elements in the design, such as various logos and names. Moreover, because imitation enamel badges are cheaper than real enamel badges and the effect is quite good, it has gradually replaced real enamel badges

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