How to choose the right sign material for custom badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

Customized badges After proper selection of sign materials, what everyone must consider is how to make signs attract visitors’ attention, especially warning signs, warnings for dangerous areas if they can’t enter the visitors immediately , Then it cannot have the warning function. In other words, the style and placement method of the sign are also very important.

The appearance of the sign can be roughly divided into: round, square, streamlined, small animal and green plant type and others. A comprehensive detailed introduction to tourist attractions. Most of the signs and guide system signs are suitable for square styles. Because these two types of signs are generally located at the entrance of tourist attractions, the requirements for the combination of the natural environment are not very high. In addition, there are more comprehensive detailed introductions and guidance system cards. The square style is beneficial to the effective layout of the text. Detailed Description of the Scenery Signs are the most scattered signboards in the total number of layouts in tourist attractions. Therefore, the detailed description of the scenery signs must be very well integrated with the surrounding environment, and the harmony regulations are relatively high. Therefore, the styles selected for such signs should not be limited to square and circular shapes, but a large number of them should be streamlined or animal and plant types that are in harmony with the natural aspect ratio. For iconic signs and warning signs, you should choose a style that runs counter to the surrounding scenery. A square or smooth ring is the most suitable, and it should be placed in a conspicuous place so that visitors can see it. , Will not get lost or put in a risky situation.

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