How much does a metal custom badge cost?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-29

How much does it cost to customize a metal badge? Cultural promotion and commemoration of important days require some commemorative things to express their meaning. Many companies will choose Ren Hui metal badges to customize to design a badge. If it is worn on the body, it is also a privilege. Some people are also considering it. Budget issues, now the editor will analyze how much does it cost to customize a metal badge? Customized badge

Metal badge customization cost will be discussed from the following aspects:

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1. The process complexity of custom metal badges

The craft is also one of the elements of custom metal badges. Simply put, for high-end items, the manufacturing process is relatively more complicated, because there are more details and more rigorous, and more manpower, material resources and time are consumed. The enamel process is one of the most complicated processes in custom-made metal badges, so it is usually defined as the preferred process for us to customize high-end badges. Since the process of imitation enamel is very similar to the enamel process, the imitation enamel badge can also be regarded as a high-end badge. Printing badges, bite badges, glue badges and baking varnish badges, etc., are relatively simple in manufacturing processes, which can only be regarded as ordinary badges, and the price is relatively low and suitable for customers who require price.

2. The grade of the badge material

Gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc. applicable to the customization of metal badges are developed from the current market As well as the tendency of users with customized needs, it is obvious that materials such as copper, iron, stainless steel are no longer enough to meet the needs of the public, and the choice of raw materials determines whether our customized metal badges are high-end.

3. The amount of raw materials required for the badge

It depends on the size and quantity of the metal badge you customize and the raw materials consumed in the customization process Wait, the larger the size, the larger the quantity, the more raw materials are consumed. Of course, the price is more expensive, so we must first determine the quantity and specifications when choosing a custom metal badge.

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