How does Wang Mo distribute the couple keychain to Ye Luoli fighters?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-08

We have just begun to spend the winter. The world of 'Elf Dream Ye Luoli' has passed the New Year. The Ye Luoli warriors have met for the New Year, and are ready to go to Wonderland together after the countdown. This trip to Wonderland was more dangerous than ever before, so they wanted to enjoy the peace of the human world to their fullest. Chen Sisi invited everyone to eat candied haws, and Jasmine to drink hot drinks, and the poorest Wang Mo also prepared gifts for everyone.

Wang Mo's family is not rich, and pocket money is very small. At first, all kinds of waste materials were used to build a house for Luo Li. This time However, it was rare and generous to make a couple keychain for each Ye Luoli warrior.

Everyone who has played with clay knows that the clay and tools that can be human are not cheap at all. Watching Wang Mo make such a box, the material cost is a few hundred yuan less. , Enough to buy two big cakes, it shows how much Wang Mo attaches great importance to this party.

Originally, Wang Mo wanted to give the clay man of COS to the deity. Jianpeng invented a more interesting method of division. He took Wang Mo’s keychain and then Give Wang Mo his keychain.

Wang Mo is holding Jianpeng, and Jianpeng is holding Wang Mo, so it looks like a couple's keychain.

Jianpeng wanted Wang Mo’s keychain for a reason. Before Wang Mo and Wen Qian swapped their identities, Jianpeng forgot that Wang Mo was also a Ye Luoli fighter, and Luo Li almost Therefore, it disappeared. Therefore, Jianpeng should wear Wang Mo on his body at all times, so that he would never forget Wang Mo again.

Other Ye Luoli fighters also blamed themselves for forgetting Wang Mo, but no one snatched Wang Mo's keychain. On the contrary, Chen Sisi was the most popular.

Chen Sisi was snatched by Gao Taiming as soon as he got his keychain. Taking advantage of his height, he raised Chen Sisi's keychain and refused to return it to her. In order to get back his keychain, Chen Sisi stepped into Gao Taiming's arms and threw himself directly into Gao Taiming's arms. Both of them were embarrassed. Gao Taiming obediently returned the keychain to Chen Sisi and praised Chen Sisi for its beautiful keychain.

Chen Sisi's keychain escaped Gao Taiming's grab, but it did not stay on Chen Sisi for too long.

When everyone was not paying attention, Shu Yan quietly reached into Chen Sisi's keychain and stole Chen Sisi's keychain. Like Shu Yan, he didn't want to forget his companions, except that the person Jianpeng most wanted to forget was Wang Mo, and the person Shu Yan most wanted to forget was Chen Sisi.

Shu Yan has repeatedly used the power of time to change history. Being punished by time, his brain has been degraded. He occasionally trances and forgets that other Ye Luoli fighters are Who.

The other Ye Luoli fighters thought that they could hide Shu Yan, but Shu Yan knew it a long time ago. He was afraid of forgetting everyone, and didn't want to be a drag on everyone and let everyone help themselves Worried, I could only secretly take Chen Sisi's keychain, and then solve the amnesia problem by himself.

After the party, the Ye Luoli soldiers went to Wonderland. They were going to rescue their companions in the mirror space, but they didn’t know that Fairy Xin Ling had been killed by Mando. Queen Ra has been resurrected, and the resurrected Fairy Xin Ling is no longer on the side of humans.

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