How are metal crafts made?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

The types of metal crafts are classified according to the material, pure gold crafts, pure silver crafts, copper crafts, alloy crafts and iron crafts. According to the craft, it is divided into pressed crafts, electroforming crafts, metal color printing crafts and so on. Metal crafts can also be customized.

The process depends on the material, shape, structure and decoration of the product. It can be roughly divided into: ①heating processes such as casting, calcination, baking, welding, etc.; ②hammering, extrusion Cold processing techniques such as rolling, turning, nesting, chiseling, etc.; ③Knitting, stacking, spotting and other pressing techniques; ④Inlaying, spotting, glaze filling and other filling techniques; ⑤Gold plating (silver), gilded gold, gold-clad (Silver) and polishing and other surface treatment processes. Metal crafts were basically manual operations before the 1950s. After the mid-1950s, with the progress and development of industry, some auxiliary processes have gradually been mechanized, and the key processes that determine the artistic quality of products, such as tapping, filling, engraving, and bonding, are still completed manually.

With the development of science, metal crafts made with laser cutting machines are more suitable for ordinary people's daily life. Using a three-dimensional laser cutting machine, it can perform two-dimensional and three-dimensional cutting of flat and curved surfaces. The thickness of the stainless steel that can be cut is 0.05-2mm. It can be used for cutting stainless steel products such as stainless steel crafts, decorations, stainless steel tableware, fruit trays, and stainless steel medical equipment. The system adopts a fiber laser with good beam quality and flexible transmission, together with a six-axis industrial robot, it can perform spatial high-precision three-dimensional cutting, with good cutting quality, no burrs on the edge, high cutting efficiency, and a cutting speed of 6m/min.

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