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by:Ipromo     2021-06-22

Republic of China badges

The production of badges in the Republic of China period can be described as diverse. Among the award badges, there are central and local; military and political organizations, and mass organizations; some are issued in the name of an organization, and some are given in the name of an individual. Some are called medals and medals, and some are called medals, honor medals, and so on. There are many types and different names. At the beginning of the founding of the Republic of China, the central government and some provincial military and political organizations adopted the method of awarding medals and medals to commend and reward those who have made contributions to the founding of the Republic of China. The Nanjing Provisional Government has set up three medals: Jiuding, Tiger, and Lion Dance. During Li Yuanhong's administration, he issued commemorative medals in the name of 'General Marshal' and 'Vice PresidentDuring the reign of the Beiyang warlords, the Beijing government established the Golden Harvest Medal and Wenhu Medal, and various provinces have many medals awarded in the name of military and political chiefs. Such as the Governor's Medal of Zhili Province, and the Medal of Xiao Yaonan, the Governor of Hubei Province. During the reign of the Republic of China, the Nanjing government also set up a variety of medals and medals, such as the Blue Sky and White Sun Medal, the Zhongshan Medal, and the Gancheng Medal. There are also many local, departmental and industry medals, especially for the military system. The Golden Harvest Medal was established in July 1912, with a total of nine grades (subsequent changes). It is awarded to those who have honors in the country or merits in academics and careers. The level of award is determined according to the degree of merit and position of the recipient. Golden Harvest is a kind of rice that grows particularly strong. The ancients regarded the Golden Harvest pattern as a symbol of auspiciousness. After the founding of the Republic of China, the Jiahe pattern replaced the dragon pattern of the Qing Dynasty and often appeared on currencies and badges, and it had the nature of a simple national emblem. At that time, there were no clear regulations on the pattern of Jiahe. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Jiahe still remained in the national emblem.

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