Hardware skills

by:Ipromo     2021-06-27

Hardware accessories purchase skills are recommended for common hardware accessories

First, the smoothness of the push-pull opening and closing test

Pages and other hardware components composed of multiple parts can be pushed, pulled, opened and closed multiple times to test the smoothness of their use.

1. Hinge

The material of the hinge is copper and stainless steel. The standard single-piece hinge area is 250px×75px and 250px×100px, the diameter of the central axis is between 27.5px and 32.5px, and the wall thickness of the hinge is between 2.5mm and 3mm. In order to open the hinge easily and without noise when selecting the hinge, it should be selected. It is better to have a ball bearing in the middle of the page.

2. Slide rails

The slide rails are divided into two-section rails and three-section rails. When choosing, pay attention to the brightness of the exterior paint and electroplating. The gap and strength of the load-bearing wheels determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing, and the load-bearing wheels with wear resistance and even rotation should be selected.

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