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by:Ipromo     2021-06-26
Secretary-General Su of the China Construction Machinery Association once said that if companies cannot focus on the Ru0026D of key components during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, they will definitely be constrained by others. The key parts of construction machinery are the foundation, support and restriction bottleneck for the development of construction machinery products. When construction machinery has reached a certain stage, the industry's high-tech research mainly focuses on key parts such as engines, hydraulics, transmission and control technology. Master the field of construction machinery, only if the production of key parts is solved, the company will have core competitiveness.


   During the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, Chinese companies have accumulated sufficient funds and ample talent reserves. Therefore, it is the best time to invest in the field of key parts of construction machinery.

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 E-commerce will become a weapon to occupy the spare parts market


   When looking back on the performance for the first year, many talents discovered that in fact, few companies became the ultimate beneficiaries in the 'intrigue' competition. This kind of almost malicious competition has greatly hurt many large companies, and it is even more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to taste the sweetness in it. Therefore, under the warning of industry experts, people realized that such competition can only be cannibalism. When everyone woke up, they found that the appetite of the market had basically been fed. This led to the 'freezing period' of construction machinery at the end of the year.


   Compared with the melancholy economic depression, online shopping has become increasingly popular. In the construction machinery industry, the sale of spare parts is the best way to realize e-commerce online sales. The use of e-commerce allows relatively small parts to achieve efficient operation of capital flow and product flow. In this regard, Sany is at the forefront of the industry again. On December 1, 2011, the Marketing Department of Sany Parts Corporation hosted the promotion of the grand launch of Lian Sany's online parts mall. As a new attempt by Sany Parts to open up the aftermarket space of construction machinery in the field of e-commerce, Sany Online Parts Mall marks that Sany Parts Mall has become the industry's first online store for independently operating parts e-commerce, and strives to create a third type of accessories sales. channel.


   As we all know, if you want to seize the opportunity in the future development, you must seize an important place, and the spare parts market is very likely to be a battleground for the military in the future. If you want to stand proudly, you must first get a land. Of course, only by making spare parts, making maintenance of your machine more convenient, and keeping the value of the machine more, can customers trust your machine. Retaining big customers is more important than anything else!

How to occupy the sub-factory parts market


   The spare parts business has become a new profit growth point pursued by various manufacturers due to its ever-expanding market demand and higher profits. However, in my country, the spare parts business is still in the early stage of development, and the market standardization is insufficient. Each manufacturer is particularly It is the fact that the funds and energy invested by the agents are also very limited, which has led to the chaos in the spare parts market and the poor status of customers' low awareness of pure spare parts.


   In fact, sub-factory parts and genuine parts have their own advantages. In terms of matching degree, the original factory parts are definitely higher than the sub-factory parts, so the use of genuine parts will not compromise the overall performance of the machine. However, the main parts sales methods of various agents are store parts sales and repair parts sales. Therefore, in many places, the circulation of genuine factory accessories is low, and many people cannot buy genuine products. Therefore, establishing channels and improving logistics levels have become a top priority. In this regard, companies must fully consider the advantages of the Internet and telephone sales. Improve your accessories sales platform as soon as possible.


   Secondly, in terms of price, the production cost of auxiliary factory parts will be relatively low because they are produced in a hand-crafted workshop. Therefore, if the factory accessories want to become the master of the market, it must first unify the market price and regulate the market price under the cooperation of its own physical store and agents. To achieve price disadvantages by obtaining raw material price advantages and reducing manufacturing costs. In terms of product quality, customers must have no worries. Through attributes and data, customers can realize that the quality of your products is guaranteed, and the working hours and machine compatibility are much higher than those of sub-factory parts. Only in this way can we get a good reputation. Knowing oneself and the enemy, using one's strength to attack the enemy's weakness, thoroughly defeating the hesitation and bad emotions caused by the auxiliary factory parts in the hearts of customers, and pulling most of the intermediate customers to the camp of genuine parts.
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