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by:Ipromo     2021-06-23

The product use of    golf hat clip: It is a small accessory in golf products. Packaging requirements: carton packaging, or according to customer requirements.

  After-sales service: Our factory guarantees the quality of the products. For products with quality problems, our factory can re-make them for customers.

The difference in the material of the golf hat clip:

  1. Zinc alloy: low melting point, easy to shape, and can be made into flat, embossed, three-dimensional, three-dimensional relief Combined products;

  2, copper: high melting point, can be made into a combination of flat, relief, and flat relief products;

  3, stainless steel: only flat screen printing, corrosion Craft products (corkscrews are more commonly used).

The main processes of    golf hat clip are: stamping, die-casting, electroplating, polishing, varnishing (oil filling), glue, imitation enamel, pad printing, silk screen, offset printing , Corrosion, laser and other processes. The electroplating colors of the surface treatment include: gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, color plating, pearl gold plating, pearl nickel plating, ancient bronze plating, ancient tin plating and other electroplating methods.

  The hat clip is to fix the hat. After putting the hat on, adjust the shape of the hat, and then take a strand of hair on the side of the hat and use the hat clip to clamp it. Then fix it to the cap so that the cap does not fall off easily.

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