Hangzhou Memorial Bottle Opener Direct Factory

by:Ipromo     2021-06-14

Hangzhou Commemorative Bottle Opener Direct Factory

What kind of business opportunities are hidden in the small magnetic refrigerator magnet? Good wine is also afraid of the deep alley, so it is particularly important to package and advertise the product. So how to exchange the smallest capital for good results is what every business man dreams of. First of all, the cost price of magnetic refrigerator magnets is very low, ordinary varieties only need a few cents, small size but high practicability, each house will have a refrigerator, most people will not buy refrigerator magnets, but some people are free If it is delivered, it will not refuse, as long as it is put in the pocket.

For a good wine, technological progress does not seem to make you worry about how to open it, because all kinds of cola corkscrews are available for you to choose from. There is a wide range of T-shaped corkscrews to time-saving double-arm lever-type corkscrews, or the easy-to-learn Ah-So corkscrews, or the waiter-type corkscrews with various functions. This article introduces several common corkscrews and their usage. The T-shaped corkscrew is one of the simple corkscrews. It is composed of a handle and a screw bit. Its usage is also very simple, but it is more laborious to use, and it often breaks or breaks the cork, which will cause damage to the wine. Pollution. The double-arm lever type bottle opener is also called the butterfly type bottle opener, which consists of two liftable arms and a spiral drill bit. As the drill bit penetrates into the cork, its arms are also lifted up. After lifting to the end, you only need to press the arms and the wine cork is pulled out. Its characteristics are labor-saving, high-efficiency, but not easy to operate, large in size, not portable, and only suitable for home use.

Now there are more and more magnetic refrigerator magnets on the market, the styles are becoming more and more novel, and the shape is becoming more and more cute. Prices range from a few dollars to tens of dollars. Now magnetic refrigerator magnets are built-in magnets, easy to use, you can put them wherever you want, and there will be no offset printing after use to better manage, the main function of refrigerator magnets is to play a beautiful, note-taking role, such as Leave messages from family members, which is convenient for checking in time. The lack of any materials can also play the role of recording. The magnetic refrigerator magnet is made of silicone material, so it feels good, soft and comfortable. At the same time, it has a built-in magnet that can be attached to refrigerators, microwave ovens, rice cookers, etc. Use iron. Can be used as decoration for household products. What needs to be reminded here is that if the main door of your refrigerator is made of tempered glass, the magnetic refrigerator magnet with magnets cannot absorb it, so you can only choose those refrigerator magnets with glue, but this kind of sticker has glue The refrigerator magnet cannot be moved at will. If you don't want to tear it off, you may leave an offset print, which is difficult to clean.

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