Gold and silver commemorative coins are getting hotter and hotter

by:Ipromo     2021-06-04

With the improvement of the cultural industry, as a member of the currency card industry, the gold and silver commemorative coin market has become more and more popular, and the number of commemorative coin collectors is also increasing. As for the appreciation potential of commemorative coins, in addition to the 'rarity

Commemorative coins are the official currency issued by the country, used to commemorate political, historical, cultural and other major events at home and abroad, as well as sports activities, including commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins . The quality is generally exquisite and limited edition. In theory, precious metal commemorative coins can participate in the circulation and have the circulation function. All commemorative coins issued in China have their own specific themes and are usually issued under special circumstances such as important political and historical events and traditional culture throughout the country.

As we all know, renminbi and circulating commemorative coins generally have the words 'People's Republic of China'. Since 2003, the term 'People's Bank of China' has been used for 'sheep.' Afterwards, careful collectors should note that only the commemorative coins of the Lunar New Year series will use the word 'People's Bank of China

Generally speaking, the renminbi is the only legal currency in China, and its printing, casting and distribution rights belong to the state. Among them, whether it is the 'Interim Provisions of the People's Republic of China on Banking Management' or the 'People's Bank of the People's Republic of China Law' further emphasizes the right of state monopoly, the commemorative coin, precious metal commemorative coin 'National Emblem' is a unique proof.

So is the commemorative coin of the Lunar New Year series more important than other commemorative coins? From a collector’s point of view, the value of Chinese New Year coins, whether for collection or investment, is far greater than ordinary commemorative coins. Of course, individuals cannot be ruled out because the passage of time also reflects the significance of the Lunar New Year series of commemorative coins. On the one hand, it is more about the Lunar New Year festival, which promotes traditional Chinese culture, which is equivalent to the same reason that the cultural industry promotes the national economy. After all, the country’s cultural industry is strong and a symbol of the country’s comprehensive national strength.


Commemorative coins are issued every year, and the distribution type, quantity and quantity are gradually increasing. The Central Bank announced the 2016 release plan of the precious metal commemorative coin project, showing that there are 10 precious metal commemorative coins a year. Some precious metal commemorative coins will have the same theme commemorative coins. Commemorative coin collection and investment is a long-term investment project. After many years, people's consciousness collection will become more and more concentrated, and the number of commemorative coins will gradually decrease, so the value of commemorative coins will increase.

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