Garbage recycling turned into a keychain to reunite with you

by:Ipromo     2021-06-18

Recycling and recycling of resources and waste recycling have become the direction of modern urban development. Plastic cups after drinking milk tea, paper bags after eating French fries...contaminated paper and plastic can only be thrown into other garbage. Ash bucket. Now they have a new place, and they will reunite with you in the appearance of a brand new photo album and keychain.

As the rainy rainy season is approaching, Greenland Canal Business Center's renewable resource service outlets were officially launched. Compared with the 1.0 version of the Building Recycling Resource Center, this 50-square-meter space is one of the new attempts of deep excavation in Gongshu District to reduce waste. During the trial operation, other waste was reduced by 50%.

'Like the plastic cups that we usually drink milk tea, and the packaging boxes that we eat hamburgers, because they are stained with stains, etc., generally speaking, they have no use value. We set this The outlets hope to separate contaminated paper and plastics and incorporate them into the upgraded version of the low-value recyclables special line, so as to realize the separation and collection of all due.' said Wu Hanhui, Public Administration Office of Hushu Street.

Every morning, Chen Yun will transport the sorted low-value recyclables away. After unified pretreatment, they will be used as recycled paper and recycled plastic products. Raw materials are recycled and reused.

'They will be transported to an ecological technology company in Fuyang, Hangzhou. After various processes are processed, they will be made into photo albums, keychains, rulers and other products.' Gongshu Introduction to the staff of the District Classification Office.

This year, the Gongshu District Classification Office aims at buildings, complexes and other places, and provides one-on-one guidance for units to build enterprise-level renewable resource recycling sites, and expand the renewable resource recycling system Marginal. Chengxi Yintai City, COFCO Joy City, Leti Port and other popular complexes have also completed the pre-stage publicity and training of shops, and are in full swing to upgrade their locations.

The Greenland Canal Business Center's renewable resource service network, which was the first to be put into use, has an average daily recycling volume of about 20 kilograms. It is conservatively estimated that the annual recycling volume can reach 80 tons.

The reduction of chain restaurant waste is no longer the only way to 'limit plastic'

From July, 'Golden Arches' Announced that it will further reduce plastics on food packaging and phase out plastic straws. Starbucks started to implement direct drinking cup lids and paper straws in Hangzhou since the end of last year, gradually transitioning to stop providing plastic straws in order to take concrete actions to reduce the plastic footprint. In Gongshu District, the 'triple linkage' of waste reduction has given these catering waste a new idea.

The Classification Office of Gongshu District, together with the terminal disposal companies and the four major chain catering companies in the jurisdiction, will establish a 'big network' of recycling and disposal through a 'triple-party linkage'. After clarifying front-end precise classification, mid-end collection and transportation sorting, and end-end disposal and utilization, a dedicated line of low-value renewable resources for catering stores in series with 51 chain catering stores was opened, with a daily clearing capacity of about 310 kg.

According to a store staff, the milk cartons and milk tea cups that were thrown into other trash bins are now recyclable. After the implementation of low-value items, the garbage The amount of waste produced has been reduced from 5 barrels of waste per day to 1 barrel now, and the waste reduction rate has reached 80%.

The recycling of low-value items in catering business stores is just a touchstone for the recycling of low-value items. Based on the good low-value recycling work in catering chain stores, the recycling model will be replicated and extended to the street Milk tea shops, fast food restaurants, etc. The refined front-end classification of paper and plastic products is also one of the ways to supervise and urge the garbage classification 'low-lying' shops along the street to improve the classification quality.

Benefit from the renewable resource recovery system covering residential communities, public institutions and enterprises. From January to June, Gongshu District disposed of 116,500 tons of domestic waste, a year-on-year decrease of 14.53%. In the grey 'hidden corner' of 'other trash

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