Fuzhou stereo bottle opener price discount

by:Ipromo     2021-06-11

The magnetic refrigerator magnet seems to be very simple at first glance, just stick it on a magnetic place. Otherwise, there are still many tips in the application of refrigerator magnets. 1. When purchasing magnetic refrigerator magnets, pay attention to the length and width, and decide according to the area of u200bu200bthe door of the refrigerator in your home. 2. In the selection of materials, choose environmentally friendly magnetic refrigerator magnets. When purchasing, sniff whether there is a pungent smell, and choose one that has little or no odor. In addition to magnetic refrigerator stickers, there are some magnetic stickers that evolved from refrigerator stickers. Thermometer refrigerator magnet: The soft magnet at the bottom is selected, and the four-color printing back light film of coated paper and its thermometer are at the top. This refrigerator sticker can not only decorate the refrigerator, but also know the indoor temperature anytime and anywhere.

The mystery of the corkscrew, the rabbit ear corkscrew is a quick corkscrew, because the two handles used to clamp the bottleneck of the wine are made Very similar to rabbit ears, so it got the name. After clamping the bottle neck by the handle that looks like a 'rabbit earThe rabbit ear corkscrew is simple and efficient to operate, but it is bulky and difficult to carry, and has the disadvantage that it is more expensive. Most refrigerator magnets nowadays are basically made of acrylic. The material is lighter and can even be bent. It is not afraid of falling. Of course, it is easy to fluff, but it can be re-polished with toothpaste.

Fuzhou three-dimensional corkscrew price is favorable

The refrigerator sticker is attached to the refrigerator by magnets, so the thickness determines the adhesion. The thickness of the magnets used now is enough to stick to the refrigerator. On the refrigerator. The next step is the size. I originally wanted to use 30*45mm, but later found that it was a bit smaller. At the same time, this size requires an increase in the cost of abrasive tools, so I switched to 40*60mm. This is actually a common size. At the same time, considering that the original postcard box set can fit five refrigerator stickers, the set can be completed by combination. Of course, this needs to be produced in batches in the future.

Why refrigerator stickers can become the darling of souvenirs? Because it takes into account the three characteristics of regional characteristics, portability and easy preservation. Let's talk about the regional characteristics first. The refrigerator stickers are a gadget, but the regional characteristics are obvious. The fridge magnets you see in Paris must be completely different from the ones you see in London. Even in the same country, the refrigerator magnets you see in different cities are different. For example, the refrigerator magnets in Prague. You can see Castle Hill, Tyn Church, Dancing House, etc., but go to the library seventy kilometers away. Tena Hora, most of the refrigerator stickers you see are the most famous bone church in the area. Therefore, refrigerator stickers have distinct regional characteristics. Seeing the landmarks on the refrigerator stickers to guess the place names is also a good opportunity for travel control to 'show off' insights.

Soft refrigerator magnets are used as home decorations, designed to decorate household refrigerators, and can also be displayed on dining tables, counters, bars and other areas you love. The soft refrigerator magnet embedded in the magnet is not easy to damage the whole unique style, and it can be flexibly attached to all the home decorations that can be absorbed by the magnet. Store presentation, photography background, movie props, platform-style list, hobby collection. There are some important things. You can write a note on the soft plastic refrigerator to remind your family and leave some warm words for your family. This is also very warm and romantic.

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