Fujian three-dimensional belt buckle price concessions

by:Ipromo     2021-06-07

Fujian three-dimensional belt buckle price discount

The collar clip is clamped between the 3rd and 4th buttons of the shirt, and the front of the shirt must be clamped in at the same time, instead of simply clamping the two pieces of tie ! Speaking of this, we must take a look at the history of the tie clip. The tie clip began to appear in the 18th century and was originally just an accessory to keep the tie close to the body and drooping. In this way, the tie will not hang straight to the ground and fall into the soup when you bend over or have a meal. It is better if the clip is tilted slightly downwards. The clip should not be clamped parallel to the tie, so that an elegant short arc will appear on your territory.

The location of the tie clip is worth mentioning that when choosing a tie clip, the texture is good and it is metal, which is more textured, matching the straight and refreshing characteristics of the suit. The styling should not be too exaggerated, and there should not be too many decorations and bright colors, otherwise it will make people focus on the tie clip and no longer pay attention to the suit itself. The position of the tie clip is also very particular. It cannot be too high or too low. Both will produce unsightly effects. The position is between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt. Tie clips also have certain specifications. The choice of length mainly depends on the width of the tie. Men should choose 3/4 of the tie width when choosing a tie clip.

How to choose cufflinks. Because French sleeve shirts are more decorative than ordinary shirts, they are more solemn and formal. Therefore, the general materials and labor unions are more exquisite and the quality is better. Good, and the cufflinks specially used for matching naturally mostly use good materials and are expensive. It is recommended to buy cufflinks with good materials as much as possible. We recommend Montblanc, Dunhill and other men's iconic cufflinks. Generally, cufflinks on the market are mostly simple geometric shapes of metal materials. These cufflinks are conservative, stable, strong in matching, but lack personality. They are suitable for low-key and restrained men. Among them, the square shape is suitable for tough men, and the round shape is It is more suitable for gentle men. If you are a burly man, you should try to avoid small and delicate shapes. The one-size shape will look more atmospheric. On the contrary, for men who are thin and small, fine styling is more suitable.

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