Fujian Epoxy Ball Fork Die Casting

by:Ipromo     2021-06-11

Fujian Epoxy Ball Fork Die-casting

Fridge Magnets are actually a small handicraft and a home decoration item. Used in modern living and home environment as decorative crafts. Refrigerator magnets seem to be a simple small handicraft, but due to the development of science and technology and the improvement of scientific research, its manufacturing has become more refined and complete. There are many manufacturers in China and even the world, and each product is very different. Refrigerator magnets make your home more stylish. The function of the product is not only to put beautiful patterns on the refrigerator, but also to protect the refrigerator from damage.

Silicone refrigerator stickers come in many shapes. There are many animated characters, Disney classic characters and funny animal cartoon brand images. This kind of silicone refrigerator magnets with cartoon pictures are bright in color and different in shape. Silicone refrigerator magnets have high malleability and commercial service marketing and promotion use value. You can design the logo of the creative company on it, copy the photo or model specifications of the product on the silicone refrigerator, or write the purpose and indication of the company on it, or write some English words, such as warm reminders, food storage and common food problem.

Encyclopedia of beer bottle opener sizes, electric bottle opener. The electric bottle opener is convenient, fast, and labor-saving. The size is generally 29.2 cm high, the bottom diameter of the corkscrew is 4.9 cm, the inner diameter is 3.5 cm, and the base is 10 (length) * 11 (width) * 12.5 (height) cm. There are also some simple shapes with a size of 4.5 (diameter) * 19.7 (height) cm. Butterfly corkscrew. Butterfly corkscrew is a common corkscrew with two handles on both sides for easy operation. The stainless steel size of this corkscrew is generally 4.5 (length) * 18.8 (height) cm.

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